PantyFresh Infographic \ Image: PantyFresh

Panty Fresh: Security on the Go

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Panty Fresh takes some of the insecurity of the “monthly visitor” out of the process.

If you’re a female at the time of your life when “Aunt Flow” makes monthly visits, you get anxious the closer it gets hoping you don’t have an embarrassing early visit. You stop wearing white pants. You freak at the smallest amount of moisture that escapes. It feels like you’re a walking time bomb of embarrassment when you leave the house.

I’ve always carried a toolbox of wearables in my car complete with a change of clothes and pads just in case I’m at work or out and about when an unwanted “visitor” shows up.

Other times when Panty Fresh comes in handy include:

  • Unexpected layovers//delays
  • Lost luggage
  • After a workout at the gym
  • Pregnant oopsies
  • Coughing/sneezing/laughing too hard
  • Unplanned sleepovers
  • Vaginal discharge

What is Panty Fresh?

PantyFresh Infographic \ Image: PantyFresh
PantyFresh Infographic \ Image: PantyFresh

Panty Fresh is a four-in-one kit that takes the place of my previous toolbox. In a packet as small as a pack of Icebreakers gum you get everything to keep you feeling fresh. One or two kits can easily be tossed in your makeup bag, purse, gym bag, carry on, car, or desk.

Each kit comes with:

  • One pair no show panties
  • Liner
  • Wipe
  • Laundry bag to store your dirty clothing in

If you are someone who prefers to wash your underwear prior to wearing them for the first time, the liner will keep you feeling secure. The downside to the liner is that it’s not nearly as protective as my standard pad or tampon so I keep one of those on hand as well, but the liner gets you by for the moment.

The panties are machine washable so you can use them more than just the one time during your emergency but the whole kit is cheap enough that you could throw it all away after you’re done.

What do I like most?

Panty Fresh Comparison \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Panty Fresh Comparison \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

What I like most about this is I how compact the entire thing is. Compared to what I would need to pack to get the same effect, it’s a huge difference. Panty Fresh comes in neutral, white, and black; thong and bikini; as well as four different sizes, similar to how regular underwear is fitted.

At $10 a kit, it is not a bad price to pay for the security of avoiding an embarrassing and messy moment. I plan on throwing a couple in my car and keeping at least one in my bag and at work.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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