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How Well Do You Know Your Geeky Colors?

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All graphics: Lisa Tate

Spring is in full bloom, and the world gets more colorful. Just for fun, here’s a test of how well you know your geeky and pop culture colors:

1. These colors represent the main characters in what Pixar movie? Who are they?


2. These colors are more than just a fashion statement to match a gold accessory in the Marvel Universe. What are they known as collectively, and what does each represent?stones

3. Speaking of accessories, these are the colors of a prominent piece of clothing for this science fiction mainstay. Who is it, and who made it for him?


4. These colors are all associated with one character in the DC Universe. What are they, and what does each color represent?


5. This reptilian foursome debuted in 1984. Who wears each color?turtles

6. These are the original colors for what teen team based in Angel Grove, California?rangers

7. This set has since branched out into multi-colored bits, but these are the original four colors for what tasty morning treat?charms

8. Colorful as they are, these characters can’t be trusted. Who are they and with what game are they associated?clue

9. Don’t be “green” with envy, but this Marvel character, or versions of him, have been ALL these colors:


10. You might know that these colors rank a certain accessory in a sport, but what does each symbolize?Karate

11. These colors represent a certain order of beings in a popular fantasy world. Do you have an inkling who they are?wizards

12. Every member of this place of learning belongs to one of these. What are they, and what animal represents each?

houses13. This science fiction saga has undergone many changes over the years. What do these three colors from the original series designate, and what is the unfortunate “adjective” associated with the one on the right?trek14. What four-pixel superstars do these colors show (both their “real” names and nicknames)?


Why don’t you want to be this color?

ghost215. Almost done. Woo-hoo! Who wears these colors, and which one wears which?


If these were too easy, here’s a bonus question worthy of Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags.” The United States is proud of its stars and stripes. However, the United States is one of many countries who has chosen the colors “Red, White, and Blue” in their flag. How many countries’ flags that are ONLY “Red, White, and Blue” can you name? All three colors have to be represented, with no extra colors (including teeny bits on crests or seals).


How did you do? Did you ace it? Find out by checking the Answer Sheet here, then test your friends or family to see who is worthy of the geeky bragging rights.

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