Geek Daily Deals May. 24, 2018: Galaxy/iPhone Cases for $10; Air Fryer for $54


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Geek Daily Deals 052418 phone cases air fryerGeek Daily Deals – A new phone case is a great way to protect your investment and give it a fresh new look; this range of cases for a variety of phones is on sale for as low as $10 today! And while it’s not really frying, air fryers to a great job cooking some foods fast; save a bunch on one today.

30% off on Caseology Phone Cases for iPhone X, iPhone 8/7 and iPhone 8Plus/7Plus Smartphones :

  • Cases for Galaxy Phones
  • Cases for iPhones

Get one today for just $10!


Blusmart Power Air Frying Technology with Temperature and Time Control LED Display 3.4Qt/3.2L 1400W Fry Basket & Recipe Book:

We have an air fryer, and we like it. This is not some amazing tool that will replicate grandma’s fried chicken without a pot full of bubbling lard. It’s basically a mini-convection oven, pushing the hot cooking air around and in between the food you put in the basket. If you spritz a little oil on the food, you get a bit of browning, similar to the effect of frying. It works great (and faster than a regular oven) on frozen foods like chicken nuggets and tater tots. It won’t really work on anything you dip in batter. So, be advised.

  • 【Extraordinary Air Frying Technology】 – The air fryer circulates extremely hot air and flows heat currents around food, delivering the fast and precise results. Producing delicious fried food which gets crispy exterior and moist interior with little or no oil, it cooks healthier food with up to 80% less fat.
    【Smart Temperature & Time Control 】– The user-friendly temperature control allows you to choose the best temperature from wide temperature range (170 to 400 °F) for frying, baking, grilling or roasting ingredients to prepare any type of meal at any time. With an auto shut-off timer preset, your fryer will shut down in 2 hours as desired.
    【Intelligent Working Mode】 – For safety and efficiency concerns, the fryer only start to work when the fry basket is securely in place. Removing the basket in cooking progress whenever you like to add more seasoning or check on your food, the fryer continues working after you inserting the basket properly again.
    【Easy Cleanup Family Size Fryer 】- With 3.4Qt capacity and compact size, the fryer is designed for the whole family and can fit in any countertop. Preparing a yummy and tender roast chicken for a special day, the non-stick inner surface is easy to clean with soap water. Additionally you can put the basket in the dishwasher for your cleaning convenience.
    【Step-by-step Cookbook】– Making great meals with a great, helpful cookbook, 29 quick-and-easy recipes guide you to create healthy and tasty food. For deep fried food lovers, air fried food as a healthier alternative, it keeps crunchy and juicy taste without added fat and calories.

Get one today for just $54!


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