8 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week


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new kickstarter projects 052618

From a 3D printer for making pottery, to a new countertop brewing appliance that will make coffee, beer, or pretty much anything else, these new Kickstarter projects are amazing!

The Bottery

Clay is, you know, pretty old. A 3D printer lets you do new things with it.

Pico U. Brew Everything.

Pico rose to fame with their beer machines. Now it’s coffee, tea, kombucha…

Ovie Smarterware: The First Connected Food Storage System

Works with Alexa and an app to keep tabs on food freshness.

EARTH: An immersive AR/AI experience & model of our planet

A physical globe that you can overlay with AR science knowledge.

ONYX | A new way to use, stabilise and protect your camera

If ‘compact three-axis gimbal’ means nothing to you, just watch the video.

Tinkamo | Smart Building Blocks for Future Creators

Make a toilet-paper dispenser and other wacky bots.


The app lets you peek inside these minimalist boxes.

Timber Bridge at LongPoint Corridor

Proposing a pivoting pedestrian/bike bridge between Brooklyn and Queens.

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