‘Manners That Matter Most’: A Simple Reminder That Good Manners Matter

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Manners That Matter Most by June Eding is a quick read that gives those not in the know of proper etiquette the 411 on proper behavior.

I was expecting a book on manners written in this day in age to touch on proper e-mail verbiage, how to answer a phone call, or even how to send a text message that doesn’t come across like you can’t write a simple sentence.

Instead, June Eding points out the reason why old-school manners still count in today’s world.

Occasionally you get a quote from a famous or “not-as-famous-as-I-think-they-should-be” and they fit in well with the theme of the book.

It’s basically a little book of advice based on the proven fact that manners matter. I can’t say I learned anything new while reading it, but I was reminded of a few things that I had pushed to the back of my brain.

Of all the advice given my favorite is to treat yourself well. This golden piece of advice is not taught as much these days as it should. After all, if you aren’t taking care of yourself, how you expected to be pleasant and kind to others?

For a retail value of $12.50 it’s a good little book for the recent graduate or young office worker hoping to make a good impression. Some of it felt like common sense, but as we all know, common sense is not all that common. If you are looking for a more in-depth look at manners and the do’s and don’ts, you may want to look elsewhere.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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