‘Geekasaurus’ April 18th, 2018 – Pencil: A History

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It’s a little sci-fi that I have to charge my pencil to draw on my tablet. Actually, it reminds me of Star Trek and watching everyone type things out on PADDs. I look at my nifty electronics now and marvel at how far we’ve come in my 31 years on this planet. I guess I assumed that I’d be doing everything with my Yikes pencils for the rest of my life. Do you remember Yikes pencils? Those funky ones with crazy colors, patterns, and shapes? I used to buy two of them for 25 cents in the main office at school. We had a little pencil dispensing vending machine. It was the coolest thing in 4th grade.

I wonder what kind of awesome innoventions Alice is going to grow up with? Will she get that flying car that people have been dreaming of since the Stone Age? Maybe virtual reality will become actual reality at the touch of a button. Or perhaps we’ll figure out how to send chocolate bars through television, or that there are aliens living on the ocean floor. There is so much out there that we still don’t know.

And with each leap forward will come a slew of unforeseen consequences. People will learn how to use the new technology in inventive and unplanned ways, further shooting our species towards the future. It’s exciting!

When we were young, we were told to shoot for the stars. I made it to the internet. I wonder how far my daughter will go?

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