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Happy Children’s Book Week! Organized by the Every Child a Reader foundation, and running this year from April 30-May 6, this is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country (since 1919). Best of all, it’s an opportunity for your kids to help select the winners of the only children’s literary award actually selected by the people the books are written for!

The Children’s Choice and Teen Choice Book Award finalists are always revelatory for me as a children’s librarian. I mostly purchase books for the library based on reviews adults have written. There are a few obvious picks I already knew about, but there are always one or two titles on each of the Children’s and Teen Choice Book Award lists I’ve never heard of. This is because the finalists are selected by committees of actual kids sharing what they actually liked this past year, not adults guessing what kids will or should like!

On the Every Child a Reader site, your kids (sorry, grownups, you don’t get a say on this one*) can click on their age group to see the finalists and select among them. You have until the end of Children’s Book Week, May 6, 2018, to place your votes!

Click here before Sunday to go directly to the voting page, and let us grownups know what kids REALLY like to read! children's and teen choice book award logos

*Unless you are a teacher, or otherwise have a large group of kids you can poll. There’s a link for you to enter the tallies from your classroom all at once, too. But note, it’s still their votes, not yours.

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