Geek Daily Deals Apr. 5, 2018: Classic Labyrinth Game for $30; Arduino Starter Kit With LCD for $54


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Geek Daily Deals 040518 labyrinth game arduino kitGeek Daily Deals – Get a classic real wood Labyrinth marble maze game/toy for just $30; learn electronics and coding with this Arduino starter kit that includes an LCD module for just $54!

BRIO Labyrinth:

I grew up with one of these on a table in our house, and after a while, I could speed run the thing. Talk about testing your hand/eye coordination, and learning dynamics at the same time! Made by the same folks who do the wooden train toys!

  • Use the two knobs on the box to steer the steel ball through the labyrinth
  • Improves concentration, coordination, perception, fine motor skills
  • Made of wood
  • For ages 6 and above
  • 6+

Get one today for just $30!


Arduino Arduino Uno Ultimate Starter Kit + LCD Module:

  • The ulitamate Arduino Uno kit to get you started with hundreds of arduino project
  • Includes the Arduino Uno Rev3 Board
  • Bread Board — Holder — Jumper Wires — USB Cable — LEDs — DC Motor — Small Servo — Relay
  • Includes 16×2 LCD with soldered Pin header
  • 72 page full color Instruction Manual

Get one today for $54!


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