10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week


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new kickstarter projects

The Future of Mobile Filmmaking: Anamorphic, Battery, Gimbal

The Moment crew strikes again with a lineup of phone video gear.


Somewear: limitless communication built for adventure

Just launched! Global connectivity in a small package for backpackers and such.


Octobo: Interactive Plush Companion for Creative Learning

Robots don’t have to be all hard and shiny.


Raspberry Boom: Atmospheric Monitor – The Weather & Beyond

Detects infrasonic sound waves from faraway lightning, explosions, etc.


Sense – Smart Sensor with Push Alerts

A tiny puck that tracks humidity, temperature, motion, noise, etc.


Lampix: The Tabletop AR Platform for Home, Office & Retail

Ditch your keyboard and interact with a computer using a real desktop.


Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

Super-simple roaster for those who want complete coffee control.


Smartbunch – the world’s first modular light bulb

Snap the panels together to make a customized lighting fixture.


Kira Mechanical Keyboard

Input Club achieves new heights of keyboard obsessiveness.


Hermetica – A Library of Occult Symbols for Designers

For when you love Swiss minimalism but also alchemy, cults, and hobo code.

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