TruSense Uses Smart Home Tech to Keep Seniors Safe


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This post was sponsored by TruSense.

TruSense uses a suite of smart home technology, including Amazon Alexa, to help deliver peace of mind for families with seniors who are still living independently, but can use someone to check in on them, just in case.

It’s one of the phases of life; when you get old enough that you have to start worrying about how your parents are doing, especially if they’re retired, live alone, and perhaps have had any health issues over the years. Sure, they’re fine, but it’d be nice to have a non-intrusive way to keep tabs, just to be sure.

Well, things have come a long way since the “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” days. Smart home technology makes it pretty easy to keep track of what’s going on in any home. And now TruSense has taken much of that tech, and packaged it with the key services that can help any family create an environment where independent senior family members can remain independent, but know that the family has their backs.

The TruSense Starter Package is actually very much like other smart home kits, and includes modules like motion sensors, door/window sensors, a smart outlet, and a hub, all of which you can easily set up. What’s really handy is that it comes with an Amazon Echo Dot as well, which you can set up as a way to connect with your loved ones as well as an excellent call device to reach TruSense’s emergency notification services. “Help me, I’ve fallen…” has come into the future.

Even more useful, if you have an Echo device as well, there’s a skill that lets you connect to the TruSense system, and get daily updates on your loved ones’ activities and well-being.

In addition to the smart home sensors, TruSense has just announced the addition of its smart personal emergency response pendant, which combines GPS with notification when it is not being worn. Anyone who has ordered a wearable device for their loved ones knows the biggest issue is getting them to wear it. The TruSense GPS Smart Pendant works in concert with TruSense Home, and can detect and alert caregivers, as well as the senior, via automated phone call or text messages in the event they leave home without their pendant.

The Starter Package, which includes 4 motion sensors, 1 contact sensor, 1 smart outlet, 1 Amazon Echo Dot, and 1 TruSense hub (an existing internet connection is required), costs $299, though you can add more sensors as needed, including leak detectors, GPS-connected vehicle trackers, and even a connected shoe sole, so you can keep tabs to the level that your family situation calls for. The monthly subscription starts at $27.99 a month, and covers text updates, automated phone call, and email alerts, the TruSense dashboard application, technical support, emergency 24/7 monitoring and response, and continuous updates.Customers can cancel at any time and your credit card will not be charged any longer. TruSense also has a 60-day policy that you can return the hardware that has not been damaged for a full refund. Seems like a reasonable price for the piece of mind it will provide for every member of your family.

Learn more about TruSense and check out all the ways it can make your family safer.

[Note: this post was sponsored by TruSense.]

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