DIY Marvel Inspired Bracelets for Spring and Summer Fun

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Marvel up your spring and summer outing with some beach jewelry. All images: Lisa Tate

Spring is here, and Black Panther is on the big screen and Avengers: Infinity War is coming soon! Whether your family plans to hit the beach or theater — or both — here are some simple, Marvel-inspired bracelets or chokers to go with t-shirts, tanks or bathing suits.

Before you get started, the length of these pieces are just suggestions, as every neck, wrist or even ankle is different. Adjust the length to match your or your kid’s own size.

Princess Shuri’s shell choker

DIY Shuri-inspired Marvel bracelets and necklaces
Image copyright Lisa Tate

You’ll need:
10 to 15 cowrie shells
Black cord or yarn
Jewelry chain links (two for each shell)

Shuri’s wears this necklace when you first meet her in Black Panther. It’s made with cowrie shells, and these are a little harder to find in bulk than conch shell beads. You can run across them at craft or bead stores, but if you plan ahead, they can be purchased cheaper online. The Beadchest has a strand of 80 Kenyan cowrie shells for just under $10, more than enough for young Shuri fans to make necklaces for themselves and friends.

Using sturdy black cord, make two long braided cords about 15″ inches long. That’s the easy part. Now, using a needle and black thread or a chain link, sew the tip of edge of one shell to one of the cords, leaving about six or seven inches from the end.

Do the same with the bottom of the shell and the second braid. Continue doing this with about 10 to 15 more shells (depending on how big you need it).

Tie the two leftover braided cords together at each end.

Shuri steps: make two braids, sew shells on one braids(first top one, then bottom), tie two strands together.

Make a matching Wakandan Kimoyo “tech bead” bracelet, to go with it, by stringing black wooden beads on a piece of stretch cord. For the “prime bead” attach a blue jewel with jewelry glue (or use blue glitter puff paint for the color), For the remaining beads, draw tech symbols or Wakandan alphabet symbols with a silver or white felt tip pen. There are plenty of visual references and keys for these “tech codes” alphabet on Marvel fan sites.


There is also a Marvel/Disney-approved “official” version of this bracelet out there, but it’s a little more expensive than the cost of a bag of beads. Plus, this one you can fit to your own wrist size.

Infinity Stones Necklace or bracelet

Marvel InfinityStones bracelets
Image copyright Lisa Tate

 What’s a better confidence builder than having your own set of Infinity stones?

 You’ll need:

Gold or bronze cord or yarn (6 one-yard stands).
Six colored, elongated beads (plastic beads are fine) to represent the Infinity stones. Using the movie version as a guide (they vary in the different comic versions), the stone colors are:
• Blue (Space)
• Yellow (Mind)
• Red (Reality)
• Purple (Power)
• Green (Time)
• Orange (Soul); this one can be slightly larger than the others.This will use the simple pony bead braid that even the youngest crafter can master.

stone steps
Infinity steps: Make a simple braid (three strands of two cords each) then divide into two strands of three cords each. Wave through beads, braid remaining cord, and tie on a center stone.

First, using six strands of the cord, separate the cord into two strands each make a simple braid (about 3″ to 5″). Tie a knot at the end, and then separate the cords into two sets of three stands each.

Take your first bead and thread one set of three into each end and pull it tight. Bring the strands together and, then continue with the next four smaller beads in the same manner (see above image for steps).

Make a knot after the fifth bead, and finish off the remaining cord in the same type of braid as the other end.

Finally, bring a small piece of cord or thread through the center bead, and fold it in half. Run both ends through the larger of the beads (the soul stone), and tie it in a good solid knot at the end. If you need, use a drop of glue or a smaller bead to hold in it place.

Doctor Strange’s “Eye of Agamotto”


I’ve saved the easiest for last, as this is a simple, wrap and beading design celebrating one my own personal favorites, Doctor Strange.

You’ll need:
One strand each of red, black and blue embroidery thread
One round, green glass bead
Two cone- or triangle-shaped gold or bronze beads

Thread the three beads on all three strands, with the two gold beads on each side of the green bead. Easy!

On one side of the bead, wrap one of the colors (your choice), around the other strands, then trade off and continue with the other colors for the pattern you want. Tie it off at the end. Repeat this process on the other side.

Each of these patterns should be easy enough for kids to make in an hour or less, so they’ll be ready to show off that same day. Now, go out and enjoy the season!

Strange weave of Eye of Agamotto bracelet
Tape one end of the bracelet to a table to make it easier to pull wrap the thread.
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