My Gleeful Geeky Wedding – Thanks to FunSuits and Etsy


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Guess what, readers? I got married recently. While I am absolutely the bigger geek, she has her own interests. My bride and I wanted to have a wedding that would celebrate our love and bring in things we loved.

Flowers can be an insane part of any wedding. They also generate a lot of waste. Instead, we went green. Members of our wedding party wore corsages from DiddleBug on Etsy. This great shop makes custom “flowers” from books. If you’re a Potter-head, you may like the House Colors bouquets. My father, son, and I all wore comic book boutonnières from AmyBlakeMakes. Meanwhile, my daughter and the bridesmaids walked down with her bouquets, and every table had some of her paper flowers. My lovely bride, however, walked down with a stunning bouquet made by KatyBirdsNest. Like the corsages, it was made from books. Absolutely stunning.

Continuing the reading theme, the future Mrs. Luchins found theBirdandtheBeard—an amazingly geeky Etsy shop that made custom Dewey Decimal-themed place cards and and table numbers. These were amazing and the costumer service was outstanding. We also “salvaged” books from the house my grandmother was born in, over 100 years ago. My bride then took three different ribbons (hunter green under-layer, lace layer, and thin black & white ribbon) and bundled them together on each table. This was both a celebration of our love of reading and history (family and in general).

No, we did not have 168 tables.

That’s furnishings… now let’s talk clothing. Back in 2016, announced their Secret Identity line and I was in full “I want” mode. For the uninitiated, these are tailored-fit suits with “geeky” linings. As my colleague Karen was working on a review of their sweaters, she hooked me up with a contact. A few emails back and forth and I had not one, but two FunSuits to try. For me, it was the Marvel Comic Strip jacket and pants. Sadly, there is not a child-sized version. As such, my son wore the Batman suit. We did not wear the included tie or pocket squares, though. The Marvel tie was too thin for me (or maybe I was too thick for it), and the pocket square did not work with the boutonnière. I will be wearing it for Shabbat, though!

My bride-to-be was a bit concerned about the quality of the suits, and I was expecting some kind of cheapo polyester. We were presently surprised. The suits themselves were well-made, on par with the plain charcoal suit I had selected prior to this. The geek factor is very subtle. Unless you flash someone (hey, why is there no Flash suit?), the only indication that you are not in a “normal” suit is the tiny “Fun” sewn into the rear. I do need to note that several people thought that it was discoloration or a stain.

Photos by, smile by

My son in particular went from being reluctant to wear a suit to showing everyone. Honestly, the only think that could have made that better for him would be if they made matching Kippot (I should have ordered the iKippah Super Hero Yarmulka).

It’s a darn good thing that I was sent these suits. Why? the original suit I was planning to wear was butchered by a well-meaning tailor. FunSuits saved the day!

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We weren’t the only ones decked out in geek-wear. I took several cufflinks I had purchased on eBay and gave them to my father, brother-in-law, and brothers to wear. They were Captain America (my father used to work for the government), Superman (you have to be super to keep up with my sister), Legion of Super Heroes (as that brother has a legion of kids), S.H.I.E.L.D. (because that brother looks like he could be an agent), and finally Spider-Man for my youngest brother (owner of Long Island comic shop Escape Pod Comics). Because when we started collecting comics he was a huge, huge Spider-fan. As for me, I wore a pair of Green Lantern cufflinks that my bride bought me. First gift she ever sent me, in fact.

Hey, can you make links that match your suits?

As we are Jewish, we have an added wrinkle in wedding planning—the Kettubah. Literally “writing,” this is the traditional Jewish marriage license. While ostensibly a legal document, most are ornate (think illuminated manuscript) and framed. In our case, we wanted something unique. My sister-in-law Sarah is a freelance artist and was willing to do just that. She crafted a lovely border with a hidden element referencing a fandom my wife (love typing that) share.

Can you spot it?

As an aside, there’s one thing I cannot recommend. We registered with BluePrint Registry and used them to aggregate our registries at other sites. Wow, was that a mess. Packages showed up without gift receipts and without being deleted from the registry itself. Prices were totally inaccurate. We now have four whisks and no way to return them. Sorry, BluePrint, you get no love. If you’re looking to register for a wedding (or other event) just stick to a store you like (or say, Amazon).

That’s one glitch though. Everything else went smoothly. Thanks to Esty—and especially thanks to On that note, I’ll just drop the very geeky song some of our wedding party walked down to. Play me out, VSQ!

Suits provided by All other items purchased by Mordechai and Mia. Photos of Mordechai & Ben by

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