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Geek Links: Rainbow Brite, Unicorn, Mustache, and Jedi Onesies

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ThinkGeek is the number one store for fandom-themed apparel.

However, the baby and toddler clothes are somewhat limited and often sold out. So what is a geek parent to do? The other option is to turn to Etsy for unique and stylish geek-themed onesies and bodysuits, but the price might not be as appealing (shipping is generally not included in listed prices). If you are looking for a sale and free shipping (shipping applies only to US), then look no further because Reach for the Stars (a recent discovery) has adorable boy and girl clothes ranging from newborn to 5T.

Popular Geek-Themed Onesies and Bodysuits

Calling all ’80s kids that have little ones of their own!! This Rainbow Striped Jumpsuit is a nostalgic throwback to Rainbow Brite, Twink, and Starlite. Spread a little color and happiness in-between all of those exploding diapers and lost binkies. Sizes range from 0-24 months. And who can forget the Care Bear Stare? If your Caring Meter is low then make sure to get this Julyan Lace Jumpsuit and spread the love. Sizes range from 0-24 months.

Are you obsessed with the glory that is Tom Selleck’s mustache? Me too! That is why I buy everything mustache related. If you need more mustaches in your life then you need this mustachesterpiece onesie Baby Brother Set. Sizes range from 0-18 months. Need a backup mustache outfit in case your Baby Brother Set ends up covered in sweet potatoes and peas? Then make sure baby looks dapper in this Mr. One Bodysuit. Sizes range from 0-18 months.

Unicorns might be mythical creatures but this whimsical Unicorn Strap Jumpsuit is real-ly perfect for that newborn photo shoot. Sizes range from 0-18 months. For baby’s first birthday make sure to get this Unicorn Sequins Set (shorts, leg warmers, and tank). Sizes ranging from 0-18 months. Don’t forget to top off that outfit with a Unicorn Headband. Choose from several colors: hot pink, pink, sky blue, silver. Need more options for your unicorn love affair? Don’t fret! Reach for the Stars has five pages of unicorn-themed apparel. So grab your Unicorn Frap, put your multi-toned unicorn hair in a ponytail and peruse the list of unicorn-themed apparel.

Come to the Dark Side, we have bodysuits! Not sure if baby should be a Jedi like dad or a witch like mom? Then check out this Jedi BodysuitI am a Jedi like my father before me. Unless Hogwarts sends me my letter like my mother. Sizes range from 0-24 months. Also, who knew Darth Vader could be so cute? Check out this Join the Cute Side Set showing the softer side of Darth. Sizes range from 0-18 months.

If your toddler is crazy about Shark Week, then make sure to buy this little Kid Shark Hoodie Jacket for your little land shark. Sizes range from 12 months to 5T.

If you enjoy playing dress up with your tiny human then check out some of the cute outfits from Reach for the Stars baby boutique. I don’t know about y’all, but I love dressing my little man up like the doll-baby he is. Plus, I enjoy buying cute clothes for my little guy now because the larger they get the larger the price tag gets! I know, I have two teenagers and I get THEIR hand-me-downs.

Make sure to share a photo of your geekling wearing your recent Reach for the Stars purchase.

If you have a favorite geek-boutique for baby, share a link in the comments below.

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