Smackdown! It’s Cookie Wars 2018, Snickerdoodles!

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The Start of Cookie Wars

Not content with all of the holiday cookies, treats, and goodies recently consumed, some friends of ours came over last week with a small tin of cookies to share with us. Layered chocolate-y peanut bars and some no-bake cookies with crispy rice mixed in. Om nom. We scarfed them that evening.

Unbeknownst to us, Cookie Wars 2018 had begun.

The Solution to Social Awkwardness: Doing Battle, Cookie Wars-Style

Valentine cookies
My piping skills are in no way up to this challenge, but Valentine’s Day IS coming up. Image: Public Domain

After enjoying the sugary goodness, we were left with a quandary. Do we keep the tin? Do we give it back and risk them thinking we don’t appreciate their gifts? Did they fully intend for us to give it back?

Since we often have more questions than answers when trying to avoid awkward social interactions, we skirted around the question of, “Are we meant to keep the tin?” by challenging our friends to Cookie Wars 2018! We would hold onto the tin, make more cookies, fill the tin with some, and lob it in their direction. Then, they were to consume said cookies and devise their own gastronomic response.

Our First Move

For our first offensive, the boys in the house picked another batch of no-bake cookies with oatmeal, cocoa, and peanut butter (recipe here). They’re delicious, and they contain oatmeal and peanut butter, so they’re healthy, right? Breakfast, even. Oh, gingersnap!

We delivered the edible grenade early this week. We look forward to encountering their next forward assault.

Advantages of Trading Cookie Volleys

Gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas. Image: Public Domain

One of the beauties of this ongoing battle is that you can make a wider variety of cookies, keep half, and send half over the top to the opposing forces. You don’t eat a whole batch of cookies, and neither do they. And then you don’t have to even make the next batch, as the “enemy” fires back. Those fluffernutters! Cream puffs! Nerf herders! (Oh wait. Wrong nerdy passion.)

The battlefront stays in place, with constant (but not literal—we eat cookies too quickly) stalemate.

Our Next Move

Holiday Cookies
It doesn’t have to be December to make holiday-oriented cookies. Image: Public Domain

I wonder what we’ll receive next? We’re digging some trenches for future protection, as we’ll probably need to safely lie down after gorging on cookie goodness. Then, once we regain our basic training fitness, I’ll dive into my Cooky Book (a staple of my childhood, but they’ve republished it for modern availability) and make something amazing. Perhaps molasses cookies. Or lemon squares. Or candy cane cookies. Or, yes, even snickerdoodles.

Cookie Wars 2018… is… on.

What kind of good-natured fun do you have with your friends?

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