Hear the sound of freedom \ Image: iFrogz

iFrogz New Headphone Lineup Will Have Your Wallet Jumping For Joy

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Hear the sound of freedom \ Image: iFrogz
Hear the sound of freedom \ Image: iFrogz

iFrogz has won “PR Box of the Year” in my book with their latest press kit that included a box with an assortment of headphones, t-shirt, and a video player that kicks in with music each time you open it. The headphones were just as impressive with the quality and price tag that I’ve come to expect from iFrogz. Here are my thoughts on their latest line that lets you hear the sound of freedom.

Flex Force Earbuds, $29.99

Flex Force \ Image: iFrogz
Flex Force earbuds \ Image: iFrogz

Battery – 8 hours (less if it’s continuous use)
Of the headphones I received, the Flex Force earbuds are hands-down my favorite for the price and quality. The earbuds are magnetic and will clasp together when you are not wearing them. The flex band that sits around your neck is comfortable and true to its name, being both flexible and tough.

Free Rein Earbuds, $19.99

Free Rein earbuds \ Image: iFrogz
Free Rein earbuds \ Image: iFrogz

Battery – 5 hours of continuous use.
When it comes to this kind of earbud, you either have the ears for them or you don’t. I don’t. The sound quality on these are no different than the other pairs I’ve checked out, but if you like this kind of earbud over the in-the-ear style, then go with these. The Free Rein earbuds offer microphone noise reduction so your callers hear you nicely. Control-wise you get play/pause, volume, track, and calling.

Resound Earbuds, $29.99

Resound earbuds \ Image: iFrogz
Resound earbuds \ Image: iFrogz

Battery – 10 hours
The sound quality on the Resound earbuds are decent for the price. I keep them on my desk at work so when my Flex Force pair dies I still have some headphones to use. A major plus is that they charge in about 30 minutes. The battery is superior to the Flex Force by two hours. The controls are basic with the standard play/pause and volume control. The magnetic clip doubles as a way of keeping the cables in order when you need to just toss them in your pocket and go.

Resound Headphones, $34.99

Resound Headphones \Image: iFrogz
Resound Headphones \Image: iFrogz

Battery – 20 hours
The only thing I don’t like about these headphones is that they don’t fold up for portability. Otherwise, they’d be my new go-to set for when I’m in the car. 20 hours of battery life combined with the strong, clear sound is impressive. The on-ear controls are in a good spot to function without fumbling over them or having to take them off just to see where to put your finger to push the button. The sound is strong enough that I didn’t hear my son playing his computer games while I was nearby writing this post and listening to P!nk’s I’m Not Dead album. ::TWO THUMBS UP::


The sound is different on each set I’ve reviewed so in the end, it depends on if you want a deep rich sound or if you want something that allows you to hear what is going on around you. I prefer headphones that are a combination of comfortable with good battery life, which makes the Flex Force my set of choice amongst this list. If you want great sound and don’t mind over ear headphone, go with the Resound headphones. For portability and long-lasting battery power, pick up the Resound earbuds. Whichever pair you pick, you know with iFrogz you are getting quality sound at a price your wallet will be jumping for joy over.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a sample to use for this post.

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