Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru

Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru

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Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru

An Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru outfit is one of those possibly over-youthful looks for a woman rounding the bend to forty. But, truthfully? I don’t care.

As a girl from the 1990s, we had two choices of alternative look: Goth and Grunge. Back in those days, I chose grunge because living in New England meant months of cold weather and flannel just seemed easier. As a Hot Topic shopper back before geek was chic, I admit to being a bit mesmerized by the fabulously dark looks peeking out of the store.

Nico Minoru stands as one of those characters whose outfits totally fit with her personality and strength. Her lack of expletives to give means that she dresses the way she wants. Whether you’re reading the Marvel comics or watching the Hulu show, Nico represents everything I remember from being that girl on the outside of the mainstream.

With that in mind, we put together an Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru collection that adds a bit of spice while giving you the option of toning it down. Don’t like the crop tops? Feel free to put something longer underneath. And yes, my 1990’s grunge self didn’t care that there might be better boots. DocMartens4Lyfe.

everyday cosplay nico minoru


The Nico Minoru Skirt

The first piece, however, that spoke to my inner Nico was the skirt. To me, Nico speaks to that sweet and salty personality. She’s hardened but not past the point of having a heart. That heart always carries her forward in her adventures. I wanted to capture both of those elements in this closet cosplay collection.

A Nico Minoru Top

From there, I decided that Nico would probably pair something that vampy with something a little lacy. Despite being a bit surly, she does tend to go for a bit of glam now and again. With that in mind, I couldn’t help but pick out something a bit lacy to take the edge off the bustier styled skirt. In choosing the top, I wanted something off the shoulder because she often wears sweetheart necklines or off-the-shoulder shirts. I decided that since no one would likely wear a see-through top that I’d take a shirt that had a similar-off-the-shoulder line to match the black tops Nico tends to wear.

Choosing the Nico Minoru Accessories

Given her iconic purple and black outfit in the above collage, I also wanted to incorporate a bit of color. I decided to give the purple and black striped tights a place underneath the skirt. This way the patterned tights wouldn’t clash with the lacy top.

However, the hardest part was trying to fit in her witch staff. Nico’s power lies in her ability to create spells using the magic staff from her mother. I wanted to represent the shape and color using the statement necklace but also add a bit of mystical zing. Every time Nico projects a spell, magic lights zaps things around her. With that in mind, I added the spectral patterned clutch purse to add that last touch.

Sure, no one is really going to go to the office as Nico Minoru. As we leave behind the holiday season, we look forward to dinners out and other parties. I like to think that whenever I’m having an introvert moment, an Everyday Cosplay Nico Minoru outfit would give me that extra bit of chutzpah to make it through.

What additions to this collection would you make?


Taiduosheng Women’s Christmas Gift Black Gothic Punk Skirt: $18.77

Verypoppa Women’s Off-the-Shoulder Hollow Out Lace Top: $10.99

HUHOT Womens Basic Off-Shoulder Short Cami Crop Top: $9.99

ToBeInStyle Women’s Full Footed Wide Striped Tights: $10.95

Dr. Martens Original 14 Eye Boot: $110.01

SUNSCSC Choker Statement Bib Necklace: $8.98

CLOCOLOR Exquisite Leather Metal Hollow Designer Clutch Bag: $23.99

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