Danger Mouse Coming to the Nintendo Switch

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Danger Mouse Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Good heavens, Penfold! When you were watching Danger Mouse back in the ’80s, would you ever have guessed that you’d still want to play a game of the show on your “Atari” in 2018? But you do want to, don’t you? And soon you’ll have your chance.

Except now your “Atari” is a Nintendo Switch (sorry, Atari, much love), and the graphics are way better. After seeing success with the cartoon’s return to TV (and Netflix) in 2015, The Danger Games launched in 2017, winning the Most Innovative award and a nomination for Best Mobile Game at Gamescom.

Based on the episode “Quark Games,” The Danger Games is multiplayer race battle and trading card game. You can play as Danger Mouse, Penfolk, Colonel K, Baron Greenback, and other favorite characters, then choose your race deck. You can have your very own Shrinkatizer or Danger Car.

It originally appeared on mobile devices, where you can play it now (Android, iOS). The Nintendo Switch version is due to be released in the Nintendo eShop at the beginning of April (price not yet known).

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