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This The Deep giveaway combines two of my favorite parts of being a GeekMom. First, I get to share a favorite show and book. Second, I get to give people cool stuff.

A few months ago, I had the privilege to connect GeekKid L with the talented and kind Tom Taylor to discuss The Deep.

If you’re not watching this show with your kids yet, let me tell you about what you’re missing. Written for Taylor’s kids, the show is probably the most perfect children’s programming on right now. Following the adventures of the Nekton family, the show incorporates marine facts with adventure.

Ant is the smart but mischievous brother who gives young boys a great representation of how you can be both intelligent and adventurous. Fontaine gives girls a great example of how to be the smartest in the family while also not putting down anyone else. For parents tired of seeing children’s media with either stupid or absent parents, The Deep gives us Will and Kaiko, caring and intelligent parents who teach their kids to be good people.

The family’s underwater adventures not only bring us fun and intelligent plots, but they are nonviolent and nonmaterialistic. Despite treasures abounding, the Nelton family goal is to get home to Lemuria, not get rich. Family and home lie at the heart of the show, offering a valuable contrast to the materialistic, often inappropriate, nature of other children’s programming.

This is the reason I’m excited to be partnering with The Deep to give all of you the opportunity to get some awesome swag. Check out the video below to see what comes in the magical box of goodness.

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