Halloween clothes

It’s the Week After Halloween. Here Are the Best Halloween Clothing Sales.

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Halloween clothes
Images courtesy of Hot Topic, H&M, and Hell Bunny

It’s the week after Halloween. ‘Tis the season for retailers to move all the Christmas stuff up to the front of the store. And while most of humanity is reasonably irked about having to listen to “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” when they’re still eating their way through leftover Halloween candy, I am here to tell you why this is a good thing: Halloween stuff is on clearance this week.

I wear skulls year-round. Remember when SNL did their skit about Mom Animals? One mom wore nothing but ladybug clothes, another mom loved pigs, and one was into angels? Well, my mom animal is skulls. If you’re like me and want to stock up on spooky stuff for yourself (or your kids), here are some sites to keep an eye on this week. Amazon has a lot of Halloween deals this week too, but you need to sort of search for the deep discounts since they’re not all in one place.  And if you’re into Halloween decorations, may I suggest the Dollar General? They’ve got a whole Halloween clearance section.

Adult sizes:
(I’m putting a M or a F next to each shop to indicate whether these shops carry male or female-gendered clothing, and I am sorry, most of these are F. There are more items for men in the For The Whole Family section below.)

Modcloth (F): Yes. Yes, I know Modcloth has been bought by Wal-Mart, and if you don’t want to support Wal-Mart, you can’t shop at Modcloth, but I can’t leave them off the list. Their prints are adorable, and they’ve got some great dresses, cardigans and skirts on sale. Although honestly, the people who shop at Modcloth mostly love Halloween, black cats and and ironic skull-print skirts all year, so not all of those prints are on sale and, in fact, as of this writing their Halloween collection page is still live.

Hell Bunny (F): While you can get Hell Bunny clothes from Modcloth and while they do cater to Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Gothabilly tastes year-round, you can still find some awesome Halloween stuff on their sale page. Like this RIP cardigan, which is pretty without prominently featuring sugar skulls and appropriating Mexican culture. (That’s a problem I run into a lot with my love of skulls.)

Torrid (F): You know who else’s Halloween collection is still live? Torrid. The plus-size women’s retailer has really been killing it lately, and their Halloween collection (look at all the cosplay dresses!) is no exception. And unlike Modcloth, all their Halloween items are on sale. Also, their skull accessory and lingerie game is strong. I won’t post undies here because family site but check out this hair clip.

Hot Topic (M & F): It almost doesn’t seem fair to mention Hot Topic in a Halloween sale roundup, since they’re, well, Hot Topic. Still, they are partners with Torrid, and their sale and clearance sections are pretty, pretty good, with both female and male-gendered clothing. There are a lot of cosplay dresses, hoodies, and tees, and plenty of scary stuff.

The Christmas Tree Shops (M & F): While The Christmas Tree Shops are not known for their apparel, there are some truly terrible Ugly Halloween LED sweaters (and great leggings) available on the cheap there this week. Go to their seasonal clearance section, and wade through to the 6th page or so (a lot of Thanksgiving stuff is on sale already) et voila. Their Halloween decorations are also on point.

Unique Vintage (M & F): Be still my heart, Unique Vintage. This store is mostly vintage reproduction clothes from various decades of the 20th century (and mostly carries female-gendered clothing with a small men’s section), but it does have an impressive number of skull-print dresses, blouses, leggings, skirts and bathing suits. And some are even on sale!

Leggings (F & kids): So, speaking of leggings. Every year legging MLM Lularoe comes out with a new Halloween collection. And each dealer, after Halloween, offloads her seasonal inventory differently. Some reintegrate it back into their stock, some mark down their leggings in FB groups, or specifically have Facebook sales for Halloween stock. Some go to eBay. Some quietly sell off discounted stock on sites like Poshmark. I’m not posting links to those because I don’t want to anger the legging ladies. But if you don’t know a consultant and don’t want to commit to a Lularoe consultant or FB group, do some Googling.

Joolz Fashion (F): This Etsy seller is based in Australia and does some great work with plus sizes and stretchy fabric. She does a lot of leggings and skater dresses. (Think Black Milk, but for women with curves). Her sale section is pricy, but she makes her own prints and all the clothes in the shop.

Sourpuss (M & F): LOVE Sourpuss. This season their sale section is filled with skulls, and tombstones and even pentagrams if that’s your thing.

Iron Fist (F): No, not THAT Iron Fist. This one is a quirky vintage repro shop, not a Marvel property. Their sale section is filled with skeleton sweaters. Also, THE SHOES. Good lord, the shoes.

For kids: 

H&M: While H&M has some okayish Halloween clearance items for grown-ups this year, their children’s sale items are way better. There’s a lot of Halloween stuff on sale for super-cheap, including some cute jumpsuits like this one.

Old Navy: You will have to dig, but the Old Navy sales for toddlers are pretty great. (Not so hot for grown-up sizes, though, so don’t bother looking.)

Dillards: Dillards doesn’t have much of a sale on grown-up Halloween clothing, or even much Halloween clothing for bigger kids, but if you’re looking for Halloween baby outfits, GO THERE.

For the whole family:

Lotus Leggings: If you like leggings, Lotus Leggings has three clearance sections, for Men, Women and Kids. All three have decent Halloween items, but I like the men’s clearance best for Halloween clothes.

Target: Target’s site is all in on Christmas this week so GUESS WHAT. All the Halloween prints are right in the Clearance section, and because it’s Target and their er… target shoppers aren’t huge on twee prints/rockabilly, all the Halloween stuff is available in a range of sizes for women. Skulls, bats, ghosts, pumpkins, Wonder Woman casual cosplays – it’s all under $15. The men’s section is stocked with some awesome costume hoodies (astronaut!) and tees (Waldo!) There’s plenty of Halloween stuff for kids, too, although I do like the girls’ selection better than the boys’ selection.

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