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“You’re a wizard, Cory!” Deathly Hallows coat from Torrid, photo by Corrina Lawson

I love my geekwear, from my collection of geeky t-shirts (mostly superhero) to my sneakers to my handbags of holding and various geek-themed backpacks.

But I especially love geekwear that can be used both for cosplay and everyday wear aka everyday cosplay. A classic example of that is the many superhero hoodies I have in my closet. One is a Wonder Woman hoodie that kids love whenever I wear it. “Daddy, that’s a superhero!” I once heard a toddler exclaim in a grocery store as he passed me.

I’ve been buying my geekwear (since I don’t sew) from various places, online and retail, and, especially, have been haunting certain stores for sales. While some stores serve certain fandoms, and some serve certain types of items, it’s not until I found Box Lunch and Torrid that I could find everything in one place.

Basically, it can be one-stop shopping. I can order everything from Star Wars to Buffy to Harry Potter and all kinds of superheroes, for men and women. They’re the online geekwear department store, bringing in brands from other places as well as their own exclusives. But they have shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories, home goods, backpacks, and, especially important, Torrid is an entire store devoted to women’s PLUS sizes, such as this terrific Maleficent dress.

Torrid plus size cosplay
Disney Maleficent Multi-Color Hi-Lo Skater Dress, image via Torrid

The Wonder Woman selection is comprehensive at Box Lunch. (Hello, dinnerware & clock!) Torrid also has a nice selection of plus-size items featuring the Amazon as well.

Wonder Woman raglan tee, image via Box Lunch

For everyday cosplay, there’s the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows coat I’m modeling in the photo.

But their items also includes such fandoms Buffy The Vampire Slayer, including the red trench coat that Buffy wears, Faith’s motorcycle jacket, the Central Perk hoodie (Friends), the Harry Potter Crest denim jacket for men, and the various souvenir jackets from anime and pop culture.

For the upcoming Halloween, there’s even a Nightmare Before Christmas black and purple velvet illusion dress, an online exclusive.

But my next purchase? Undoubtedly, this Princess Leia throw blanket.

Princess Leia throw blanket, image via Box Lunch.
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  1. Ooh! Thanks for sharing more Plus-size clothing options. I’ve been searching for a badass WW T-shirt for awhile, but all of the great ones are in tiny girl sizes. Hot Topic is great too since they added more plus-size geek wear. Your post on WW dress changed my life! I have recently bought the solar system dress and just got the stars dress and the bonus is that both dresses come with pockets and the stars glow in the dark. I can’t wait to wear the glow in the dark dress to work during the fall/winter when it gets dark outside by 5pm.

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