The Big-Screen Return of ‘Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan’

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Dear World:

This just happens to be my favorite of the Star Trek movie series. Who hasn’t yelled to the proverbial heavens “KHANNNNNN” after stubbing their toe or being trapped in the time warp of hour-long traffic?

William Shatner offers a new interview paired with this re-release. Maybe he will answer the questions on everyone’s minds: “What was with that rug, Bill, and who thought up those nightmare-provoking ear worms?”

Space rugs and memory-scarring worms aside, this cinematic romp through our Star Trek viewing past sounds like a perfect date night for my husband and me. Possibly even attended in costume depending on how geeky we are feeling.

I hope you can catch this where it is playing on the big screen near you as well.

Live long and prosper,

GeekMom Melody

The Details:

Stardate 8130.3. (In Earth time, Sunday, September 10, and Wednesday, September 13, 2017)

Check Fathom events for showing times and to purchase tickets. There are more than 600 participating theaters across the United States, so chances are you’ll be able find one near you showing this landmark Trek film, accompanied, as mentioned above, by a brand-new interview with William Shatner.

In the meantime, enjoy a clip or two.


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