Exclusive Video: Noël Wells Stars in Disney’s ‘Elena of Avalor’

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I can hardly believe that it has been one year since we met the amazing Elena of Avalor. In fact, this Saturday, August 12th also marks the one-year anniversary of when Elena made her royal debut at Walt Disney World Resort. It has been quite a year of adventure and growth for her as a character, for Avalor, and for my six-year-old (who never misses an episode).

Ella and I were doing a Target run this past week–which always includes a trip to the toy section. She was delighted to find new Elena merchandise including a stuffed Jaquin, Avalor’s own flying guardians and all-around awesome mythical creatures! We were then both excited to get word from our friends at Disney that they will be the featured heroes in a new Elena of Avalor movie.

Our favorite sentinels take flight this Saturday, August 12th in the new special, Realms of the Jaquins. In this adventure, Elena travels to the magical realm of the Jaquins to save the kingdom of Avalor from a legendary forest sprite. Noël Wells (of Netflix’s The Incredible Jessica James) guest stars as Marimonda the (singing!) forest sprite.

EEXCLUSIVE video: Noël Wells stars in Disney's "Elena of Avalor"
ELENA OF AVALOR – Realm of the Jaquins MARIMONDA PHOTO” (Disney Channel)

As always with our favorite Disney shows, the animation looks beautiful, and I am sure we will see Elena use teamwork to overcome doubt and fear as she helps save the day. These qualities are important to the Disney Junior-aged viewer to see in their stories, and we parents enjoy it as well.

Please tune in this Saturday, August 12th to the Disney Junior Channel and join the fun. And thank you as always to our friends at Disney for providing us with this exclusive look:

EXCLUSIVE video: Noël Wells stars in Disney's "Elena of Avalor"
ELENA OF AVALOR – Noel Wells recording session. PHOTO; Disney Channel/Rick Rowell
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