Procrastination Destination: Cows!

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Alright, I have to be honest. I made the theme of this entire post as an excuse to put up this video. The band is Moon Hooch and you should check out all their music. Here’s Procrastination Destination’s meaty platter of cow music, facts, and silliness.

Did you know cows produce 125 lbs. of saliva in one day? Or that Christopher Columbus brought over cows on his second voyage to America? Or that they have almost 300 degrees of vision? Impress your friends with some more cow facts by clicking HERE and HERE and HERE.

Scottish Highland cattle are my favorite to look at. So fluffy. Here’s one with an itch, and some lovely Scottish-flavored commentary.

Wanna buy some geeky cow-related stuff? Here’s a sweet little print.

Physics and cows and cross-stitch? Yes!

And how about some alien abduction to send to a loved one?

I udderly hope this short break enhanced your moooood for the day.

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