If Your Kids Love ‘Tomodachi Life,’ They’ll Feel at Home in ‘Miitopia’

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Nintendo has its share of quirky titles for the 3DS, although none so much so as Tomodachi Life, a 2013 game that turned your friends into a soap opera of Miis. Miitopia, out now for the 3DS/2DS, is cut from the same cloth as Tomodachi Life. With your Mii friends filling out the roster of an RPG party, kids are able to go on a journey unlike one anyone else will take.

Miitopia is unusual, cute, and perfectly suited for kids who loved Tomodachi Life or are interested in getting into role-playing games.

Crazy Cast of Cute Characters

Miitopia populates your party and the world with Mii characters you have already created in Mii Maker, have living on your island in Tomodachi Life, and can be added by QR code or SpotPass.

Then it’s up to you to decide what role they will play in the world of Miitopia. Will they be a member of your party? Live in a comfortable town you’ll visit on your journey? Or even be the bad guy?

If you choose to make a Mii friend a party member, you’ll be able to assign them a job to fight or support you in battle. You’ll see familiar classes like cleric and warrior, and one-of-a-kind classes like pop star and scientist (as the game progresses).

You’ll also get to choose their personalities. If your friends and family are kind, laid-back, cool, and more, those personality traits will grant them additional abilities in battle.

A Personalized, Unique Game Experience

This also means that not only can your friends and family join you, if you’ve created or added celebrity lookalike Miis, they can be a part of the fun as well. For example, Harry Potter‘s Lucius Malfoy was the Big Bad in my game, because it seemed fitting. My husband’s and daughter’s Miis joined me in the party, and off we went to save the land.

The Dark Lord has stolen the faces off the denizens of Miitopia, and placed them all on monsters! It’s up to you to defeat the monsters (which are almost all adorable) and The Dark Lord to restore peace and happiness.

You’ll fight in standard turn-based RPG combat, dealing damage and providing support as needed. You can only control the main character, and the other members of the party play on their own. This makes Miitopia an exceptional beginner RPG for kids, teaching them the basics without overloading them with strategy.

From the heroes to the villain to the people of the world, it’s possible there will never be two games of Miitopia exactly the same. This ingenious use of the Miis you’ve had stored for ages makes Miitopia completely personalized and unique. Most RPGs make you feel like you’ve entered another world, but this one gives you the chance to enter one that’s completely you.

Shines on the New Nintendo 2DS XL

Alongside the release of Miitopia, you’ll find the New Nintendo 2DS XL. You might think Nintendo is spending most of their energy on the Switch, but the 2DS XL is proof that the older handheld console still has a lot of life left.

It may have a larger screen than the 2DS, but the New 2DS XL feels light and easy to hold, especially compared to the New 3DS XL. The buttons have been shuffled around again, with the Home button moved to the left, and a few other changes have been made.

My favorite improvement is the new cover for the cartridge. I’ve picked up my 3DS countless times and managed to press the cartridge right out, and sometimes before I’d saved what I was playing. The new hinged cover prevents that tragedy from occurring. The other major change is a very stubby stylus that comes with the system; if your kids have trouble keeping track of them, this may be a source of frustration.

Like Z. says on GeekDad, if you still don’t have a 3DS and you’re finally ready to pick one up, the New 2DS XL is probably your best option. And of course, you’ll need a new game if so–why not Miitopia? Just like Tomodachi Life, Miitopia is funny and irreverent and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you want to add a little more “playing” to your RPG, or if you’re looking for an RPG that will hook the kids for the first time, pick up Miitopia now.

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  1. You would have to try pretty hard, to accidentally eject your cartridge from the New 3DS (XL). Plus the A.I. does pretty much all the work in the game Miitopia, you’re only going to enjoy it if you play with the 3D ON. Clearly this game was made with stereoscopic 3D in mine. If you play with the 3D OFF (in 2D), then don’t get Miitopia, you’ll regret it.

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