I Want Some Lego Sets for Mother’s Day

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Photo by Jackie Reeve

I never know what I want for Mother’s Day, and I know a lot of us don’t swoon over the typical flowers and brunch. This year’s GeekMom Mother’s Day gift guide has a ton of great ideas I’d be excited to get, but I also just really like the idea of my family giving me some Lego and a little quiet time to build.

I saw a lot of the new Lego sets at Toy Fair this year, and I think the Architecture skylines are always amazing. Sydney and Chicago were new at the start of 2017, and the scale of these models would be very cool on an office desk.

Photo by Jackie Reeve.

I also just want something to put together, using my hands, for stress relief. Give me a puzzle to solve, and I’m happy. Give me a puzzle to solve that looks cool in my studio? Perfect.

But possibly even better for a desk are the new Beauty and the Beast BrickHeadz. I’m really getting into these little 3D builds, which were just launched in March. The characters, the colors, the building is all great, and so far all the figures I’ve seen have had nice touches and features from the original characters.

Photo by Jackie Reeve.

I love the details of Belle’s hair, the rose, even the way they’ve designed Beast’s teeth. It’s all the big-eyed cute charm of Funko’s Pop Vinyls, but you can build these (they’re also a lot smaller, maybe 2″ tall). So give a set of these for Mother’s Day if your mom is a Disney fan who could use something to put together.

To me, this is a perfect Mother’s Day gift from a child. BrickHeadz are under $20, and they’ve also launched a Marvel and a DC series. They’re covering a lot of fandom bases, and I just really like building a little cool something to sit on a desk.

Maybe the moms in your life would like to build something this year, too.

GeekMom received samples for review purposes.

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