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GeekMom hits PAX East in Boston tomorrow, with a panel called “Raising Generation 2.0” at 6:30 p.m. Come join us if you’re there. If not, we’re going to attempt Facebook Live, wifi signal strength permitting.

But during the day, I’m going to take a stroll and check out ThinkGeek’s PAX East exclusives. (see below). Hopefully, these will be available at some point to non-Pax attendees.

Super Mario Piranha Hand Puppet
Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet, image via ThinkGeek.

These fearsome plants are a staple in Super Mario universe. Sometimes they come from pipes, sometimes they grow from the ground, and sometimes they spit fireballs. Let’s hope the puppets don’t do that or the con floor is going to be very messy.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4 T-51 Power Armor Figure, image via ThinkGeek. Over 35 points of articulation.
Street Fighter Enamel Pin Diorama, image via ThinkGeek

The Street Fighter Enamel Pin Diorama features the iconic fighters Chun-Li and Ryu preparing to face off on Ryu’s stage set in Japan. Both pins stand at 2 inches tall and have stickback pin style and rubber stopper.

Critical Hit Solar and Lunar D20s, twenty-sided dice. image via ThinkGeek

Glittery! Nice. I’ll post some more photos after I visit the booth.


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