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With the advent calendar showing more open days than closed, the time has arrived for some quick geeky gadget stocking stuffer ideas.

Introducing the SELFSKIE, an all-in-one mount that allows you to use your smartphone and GoPro on the stick you are already using. I was sent a prototype version from Emile to review. Hot on the heels of their Kickstarter success, the creators are wanting to get the word out.

The Selfski company slogan is: “Why bring a selfie-stick when you’re already holding a stick?” They boast that it’s the world’s best all-in-one mount. Judging from the videos on YouTube, the most popular option seems to be a ski pole. It could also be added to a golf club, umbrella, or your fishing rod.

So why do we need another way to take a selfie? There are many versions of the sticks out there ranging in price. Here is what the creators think will set the Selfskie apart from the crowd.

Stocking Stuffer SELFSKIE Attach Smartphone to any stick
Small. light, durable and easy to use Photo:

Durable Engineering

It has been engineered and designed for easy use. This means you can leave it attached to your stick during your whole trip or vacation and simply decide when you want to use it. To take a picture, simply flip up the grabbing arm and mount your Smartphone to your stick in one easy motion. The included Bluetooth Remote (BT) will make it even easier to snap your shot. Of course, you can also use the self-timer on your smartphone.

Going Extreme
Conditions can get a little rough when you’re engaged in outdoor activity such as skiing. That’s why they designed it to be a very sturdy device using only durable, top quality materials. The makers designed a mechanism that firmly attached itself to your stick for a perfect, fixed grip. The grabbing arm can be used even when you’re wearing (ski) gloves. It has been made to withstand the most extreme weather temperatures.

We All Need a Little Distance Sometimes
Take perfect group pictures from a distance using the Selfskie on a (ski) pole as a camera stand. The included Bluetooth Remote allows you to take pictures from a distance up to 32 feet (10 meters). You’ll never have to bother bystanders again. Now you can take as long as you want to capture your perfect smile!

Stocking Stuffer SELFSKIE Attach Smartphone to any stick
Not being a big extreme sport type, we  attached it to our vacuum.  Photo: Melody Mooney


The set up was easy once I got a bit of assistance in figuring out how to attach the larger strap. There are easy to follow instructions to attach both a smartphone and a GOPRO. The size is small and can easily be thrown in with your smartphone, camera, or GOPRO while traveling.

Here is what you will get:

  • Bluetooth Remote which you can sync with your smartphone
  • Selfskie “core” to attach your GoPro and Smartcam
  • Large strap for up to 9 cm diameter objects for your hockey stick, bat, or even to attach on an umbrella
  • Small strap for up to 2 cm diameters for your ski pole, golf club, etc.
Stocking Stuffer SELFSKIE Attach Smartphone to any stick
What is your stick? SELFSKIE Photo:

There isn’t much time left, so stop now and go order it online and start your fun. Get creative and get geeky. Let me know what you attach your Selfskie to.

SHOP    Price: S26.51


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