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Have you ever been sitting at the airport and wished your suitcase had a USB power bank, proximity sensor, and Bluetooth scale built into it? You have! Well then do I have the suitcase for you. Meet the Raden line of suitcases.

I received my Raden A22 Carry and at first glance, it looked just like my son’s hardshell suitcase. A closer look showed me it was anything but that.

What’s inside:
Lightweight (8.4 LBs)
360-degree maneuverability
TSA approved locking system.
Protective cover doubles as a laundry bag.
Comes with a small travel kit which includes a charging cable, eye mask, and ear plugs.
Double zippered sides with a small mesh compartment to store smaller items.
7,800 mAh battery and two 2.1A USB ports for charging devices.
Built-in sensors that will tell your phone how much the case weighs as well as proximity sensors with location tracking.

The price tag is a little high for the checked bag at $395, but the carry-on isn’t so bad ($295 on Raden’s website and on Amazon) and you get a nice price break if you buy the set for $595.

The proximity sensor will tell you where your suitcase has been and will ding you if it starts going on vacation without you.

You get two USB charging ports that let you charge your phone up to four times in one jump. The built-in scale is also a nice feature that takes the guessing out of how many comic books you can shove in before you hit your limit

The built-in scale is a nice feature that takes the guessing out of how many comic books you can shove in before you hit the airlines max weight. True story. I was one Doctor Strange graphic novel away from hitting my limit at JFK airport once.

The hard exterior is also designed to withstand any turbulence your luggage will receive at the hands of airport attendants.

While the video above makes me concerned for the inside contents, at least the suitcase itself won’t break and tear to expose them in the event it gets tossed around like a rag doll.

Click the zippers into their slots and you can put your own three combination code to keep it secure. If the TSA needs to get into it, there is a slot for them to use their own key.

The A-22 fits within the TSA regulations for a carry-on and since it has that hard outer shell, it will stay within those limits no matter how much you pack.

Need to make like the family in Home Alone and run to your gate for departure? The 360 maneuverable wheels will keep you from tripping over your own stuff. Just make sure you don’t leave Kevin behind in your rushing.

If you can only get one piece of the set, make it the A-22 carry-on. Your checked bag will be in the belly of the plane, so the USB ports will do you no good until at your destination. I’m also more concerned about someone walking off with my carry-on than I am my checked bag, so the proximity sensor gives me that extra piece of mind.

Since my son is trying to call dibs on the Raden when I’m done writing it up, I’d say it’s a hit in my house. A few stickers on the outside and it will be geeky travel worthy. Of course, it’s not the only thing you’ll want to take on your trip. Stay tuned for my Travel Like A Geek post here on GeekMom where I’ll tell you all you need to bring with you on your next vacation.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was sent a sample to review.

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