Martian Watch meets Alexa!  Image: Martian

This Just In: Martian Watches Teams Up With Amazon Alexa

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Martian Watch meets Alexa!  Image: Martian
Control your home, customize alerts and apps, and utilize cutting-edge voice technology with Martian and Amazon Alexa! Image: Martian Watches

Martian Watches combine the style of an analog watch with the intelligence of a smart watch. Today, they have announced the addition of Amazon Alexa cloud-based voice service to their mVoice timepieces.

“We’re excited to work with Martian Watches to bring Alexa to mVoice timepieces so customers can easily perform everyday tasks – like controlling their smart home with Ecobee, requesting a ride with Lyft, or checking the daily news – using just their voice. Voice is a natural, convenient way to interact with technology, especially when you’re on the go. We can’t wait for customers to try this out.” – Aaron Brown, Director, Amazon Voice Services

My Martian Notifier is one of my favorite watches. The battery lasts for a week without charging, it’s not flashy, and the notifications are simplistic in the essence they give you want you need and nothing more.

With the addition of Alexa to the mVoice line, you will have the ability to use it beyond the basics and move on to more daily life integrated tasks. Control your music, camera, household apps, check your bank information, or any number of the 5,000 and growing tasks that Alexa has to offer.

If you currently have one of the mVoice watches, just open your Martian app and update to the latest firmware to get the benefits of Alexa.

For those who want a bit more fashion in their watch, GUESS is also teaming up with their own line of designs powered by Martian!

The mVoice line can be bought on Martian’s website as well as on Amazon. Currently, it’s selling for at $159.51 over on Amazon.

Stay tuned as I will be giving the Martian mVoice a full review in coming weeks.

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