Get creative in 2017!  Image: Dakster Sullivan

Get Creative With a 365 Project

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Get creative in 2017!  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Get creative in 2017! Image: Dakster Sullivan

A 365-day project is a project you do something with every day for 365 days. It can be as straightforward as taking a picture to as complex as writing a page in your novel. The important thing isn’t what you do but that you pick something you enjoy doing and do it.

Here is a small list of ideas to get you started:

Video a dayApps like 1SE can help you put together a quick an easy 365-day video project.

Selfie – This is one of the easiest ideas on this list. I never go anywhere without my phone and it takes 2-seconds to take a quick selfie.

Make a listPick a subject and write out a list. Things you want to accomplish, places you want to go, places you’ve been, things you enjoy doing, things that drive you nuts, etc…there’s really no end to the options for this one.

Start a blog – Make a goal to write a post a day (this is harder than it sounds, trust me). You can go as simple as writing one sentence about your day or as complex as a story based in your favorite fandom. Books like 642 Things to Write About are great for this kind of thing. Just flip through, find a prompt you can connect with and write.

Be thankful – You can do this in a journal by your bed, in a note app on your phone, or on social media. If you’re like me and you are trying to limit your social media time, you can use something like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts without ever going on social media itself.

Take a photo of the same thing every day to see how it changes. – The object can be anything or anyone that you see every day. Pets, people, your office, living room, the only limits are the objects you have on hand in your daily life.

Take an action figure and photograph it every day in a new location. – You can get something as small as a random mini-figure or as big as you can carry. My favorites to use for this are labbits, My Little Pony figures, Minecraft mini-figs, and Pop figures.

Sketch a day – I’m not the best artist, but even this is pretty easy to do every day. Draw on a napkin, post-it note at work, in a planner, on your phone in a sketch app. Even if it’s just a stick figure. It counts. Check out 642 Tiny Things to Draw for some inspiration.

Pick a theme and then create something simple every day around the theme. – This could be as elementary as writing a sentence in a journal or as intricate as a painting. Make it your own. Some theme ideas could be your favorite fandom, in Memorium to a relative or friend, love, friendship, kindness, whatever you pick, make sure it has a positive feeling to it so you will want to create something around it every day.

Look up a new word in the dictionary and then use it in a sentence. – This one is different and educational. Give it a shot.

Read a comic book. – The average comic book is around 20 pages, give or take. Comixology and Marvel both have free to read books in their apps. Find one and read.

Honorable Mention
Read a new book every week. – Pick 52 books you want to read and finish one a week. I have plenty of books on my shelf right now to do this with (and most I bought or was given and just haven’t read yet).

Watch a new movie every week.American Film Institute has a page dedicated to Top 100 lists. Pick one and watch something every week for the year.

No matter which project you choose, the important thing is that you enjoy doing it. Don’t make it so complex that it takes up hours of your day. We all have times when we are not up to being creative. If you keep your project simple, it will be easier to get it done and over with on the days you couldn’t care less about it. At the end of the year, you will have a cool piece of creative genius that you are responsible for and that will make even the hard days worth it.

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