12 Educational Stocking Stuffers

12 Educational Stocking Stuffers Kids Will Love

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Let’s talk stocking stuffers for a minute here.

Stockings are so much fun when you are a little kid… but they can be a bit of a nightmare for parents. I don’t know about you guys, but the absolute last thing we need around here is another plastic toy or Beanie Boo.

If you agree, I think you’ll enjoy today’s post. I am sharing some of our family’s favorite EDUCATIONAL stocking stuffers. I promise these items will be fun for your children and inspire learning.

12 Educational Stocking Stuffers
Image source: Upsplash

12 Educational Stocking Stuffers

(If you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to read my list of 50+ educational stocking stuffers listed by subject. Is your kiddo struggling with math or spelling? Guess what? There’s a stocking stuffer for that!)

1. Work on math skills with Extreme Dot-to-Dots and Perplexors

I credit Mindware’s Extreme Dot-to-Dot books with teaching my children how to count at an early age. Years later, my kids still love these books. We take them on car trips and use them in waiting rooms and restaurants. Nowadays, my children are also fascinated by Perplexors. My kids refer to these books as “puzzle books” and I smile because they are working on logic skills without even realizing it!

2. Keep kids busy and work on logic skills with these new games from ThinkFun

Speaking of logic skills, ThinkFun just released four fantastically fun one-player logic and reasoning games. They would make perfect stocking stuffers:

  • Shape By Shape is a tangram-style pattern game recommended for ages 8 and up. With 60 challenges, your little geometry lover will work on those conceptual thinking and spatial reasoning skills while having a blast!
  • Sweet Logic encourages children to develop reasoning skills through fun, multi-level challenges. To play, your children must use the clues provided to fill the tray with all nine chocolate pieces in their correct positions.
  • Safari Rush Hour is a  new Rush Hour. Unlike traditional Rush Hour, Safari Rush Hour has a larger grid and the Safari Rover can move in all directions, adding to the challenge.
  • Brick by Brick offers 60 challenges with three different levels of play. The goal is a simple one: combine the five bricks to match the image depicted on each challenge card, but the game offers a fun challenge!
Educational stocking stuffers
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

3. Ignite a love of science and nature with a portable microscope and compact binoculars

Our family loves to get outside and hike and the kids rarely leave home without this portable microscope and their compact binoculars. These two tools have inspired so much learning over here!

4. Let them stay up past bedtime with a Mighty Bright Booklight

In our family, we have this special rite of passage. Once a child starts reading, he or she gets a Mighty Bright book light… just like mom and dad. When bedtime rolls around, you have to turn the lights off but you don’t have to go to sleep. My children pride themselves in staying up late, and I am happy that they are sneaking in some extra reading time!

5. Work on grammar while giggling with Mad Libs

Mad Libs are just as much fun as you remember! Yes, your children will use potty humor, but they will learn the parts of speech in record time!

6. Encourage writing with window markers and Apples to Apples Freestyle

If your child resists writing, let them play. Give them some window markers or tub crayons and tell them to have a ball. If your child is older, check out Apples to Apples Freestyle. The game is hysterical… and it encourages a little writing!

7. Engage young children in history Liberty’s Kids & Animated History with Pipo, involve older kids in history with Timeline

Is your child struggling to relate to history? Young children will delight in watching Liberty’s Kids (available for $6 on Amazon!) and Animated History with Pipo. For older children, check out the Timeline games. These card games are ultra-portable, fun, and help with learning history!

8. Learn geography with Flag Frenzy

Do your kids love Spot It? If so, they will love Flag Frenzy. As you race to make matches, your children will learn geography!

9. Explore art history with Vincent’s Starry Night

This fall, our family has fallen in love with a new art history book for children. It is called  Vincent’s Starry Night: A Children’s History of Art and it is amazing! We have learned so much art history together this year.

10. Dabble with music appreciation with Compose Yourself

Compose Yourself was created by Philip Sheppard, a renowned composer, producer, and cellist who has composed music for over thirty movie soundtracks. He’s also been a music producer and director for some big-name live events, including the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2014 Tour de France. In this game, your children can compose their very own scores and they play them back on the computer!

11. Delight children’s imaginations with this solar-powered Rainbow Maker

A dear friend of mine gave us a solar-powered Rainbow Maker several years ago and I have since given it as a gift to so many friends. This little gizmo spreads smiles every time those rainbows dance about our home!

12. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a year-long subscription to an educational service or magazine

Subscriptions make fantastic gifts and there are some fantastic services on the market today!

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me: What is your favorite educational stocking stuffer? Share here.

12 Educational Stocking Stuffers
Image source: Upsplash
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