Little Passports Launch New Science Expeditions Service

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Little Passports: Science Expeditions
Little Passports: Science Expeditions

Last summer, my son and I spent some months exploring the globe with Little Passports, a monthly subscription box service which allows children to explore our planet from the comfort of their own homes. Now, the company has launched the latest addition to its line-up: Science Expeditions.

As I’m sure you’ll have already figured out, Little Passports: Science Expeditions introduces kids age nine and up to science through a new monthly delivery service featuring Sam and Sofia, the youngsters we previously met in the original Little Passports. On signing up, children will receive a science case and lab notebook to help them keep track of what they learn. Future monthly packages will include:

  • 16-Page Comic Book with glossary and bonus activities
  • Hands on Science Experiments
  • Achievement Badges
  • Access to bonus online content

Each box is themed and covers subjects including forensics, magnetism, the Northern Lights, and Caves & Crystals.

A Look at the Science Expeditions Service, Image: Little Passports
A Look at the Science Expeditions Service, Image: Little Passports

A 12-month subscription costs $17.95/month (payable as a one-time payment of $215.40 + $36 US shipping), a six-month subscription costs $19.95/month ($119.70 + $18) while a monthly subscription costs $20.95/month plus $3 US shipping. The service begins shipping on December 1st making Science Expeditions an option for a unique Christmas present that can continue building through the year.

Without seeing the kits in person, it’s hard to judge the quality of Science Expeditions, however, if it is comparable to the original Little Passports then this should be an interesting and fun service that kids will enjoy.

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