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EB Games Expo 2016 Highlights

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Right now, this very weekend, there is a gathering of all the computer games in a tiny little place you haven’t heard of: Sydney, Australia. Just kidding–Australia has been receiving quite a few goodies this year from the geeky-world, so I’m not surprised EB Games has brought the loot with their Expo.

This is just a quick review since the Expo is still on this weekend. Especially with “Family Day” on Sunday 2 October 2016. So read up, take notes, and head on out to enjoy some the goodies on offer.

Minecraft VR
Yes, the Big Bad Logo says Gears of War but this is EG Mum testing out the Minecraft VR

Favorite Game: Close tie between The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Forza Horizon 3. Fellow GeekDad, Will James, knows what I’m talking about–he also had a play with Zelda at SDCC earlier this year. Believe me when we both say, It is soooo pretty. It is really a gorgeous game to look at, with the soft manga-style artwork just adding to the dreamy feel. It’s the perfect setting for Link after he wakes from a very looooong slumber. Playing the game was very smooth and thoroughly enjoyable. Playtime on Zelda is limited at the EB Games Expo–there is a cosplay competition, and a selfie competition, I think. Head over to the Nintendo stand for more information.

Forza is also visually stunning, and just as much fun! Forza Horizon 3 has an added bonus for Aussies, being some familiar roads to test yourself. From the Gold Coast Hinterland in sunny Queensland to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the Forza developers have included an extensive range of famous Australian roads to bring together the largest map yet. One of the new features I like is the “Bucket list Blueprint,” creating your own unique challenges to share with friends from the maps and vehicles provided. It’s that kind of “customising” that keeps the game fresh… And feeds the competitive nature in our household. Check out the ad below:

Best Loot: This is a tough one between LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders, but I think LEGO Dimensions will just beat us here. Partly because I am biased and love my LEGO. Head over to the LEGO Dimensions stand in the PlayStation stall and check out the new wave of additions. Ask nicely and they may still have “Limited Edition Green Arrow” behind the desk.

If Skylanders is your thing, the new Imaginators looks pretty awesome. The stall has a limited supply of free Customisable Crystal Characters–you can essentially create your own character to play in the game. Stay tuned for more details on this!

EB Games Expo
EG Mum’s Skylander

Favourite Feature: Wand Combat Masterclass with Paul Harris (from Harry Potter). Paul Harris was the film choreographer in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This workshop is fantastic and loads of fun. Paul runs through five attack steps, combining into one fluid movement, and five defence steps. He shows you how to bring it all together for your own wand battle, tying in little stories about how these were included in the movie. There is also a great Q&A afterwards if you are looking for a little more insight and the chance for a chat in the Meet & Greet area afterwards.

Extra Tips:

  • Prepare for some VERY long waits on the VR. If you really want to check out the VR with kids, then head to the Xbox area and show them Minecraft VR. It is a very natural blend of Minecraft with VR.
  • It is really noisy. Like distracting-noisy. Especially up towards the Velodrone area. Check out the Drone Hunting, but don’t be ashamed if you don’t stay there too long. I saw a lot of exhibitors having to move on.
  • This year is also the 1st year of Artist Alley. Swing by and check out any additional goodies to take home.
  • Pokemon is there, and in a big way. It’s not in the Nintendo area (which is the best-looking stall of the Expo) but in the next building over. It has its own Poke-Zone with cool stuff for all Pokemon fans. Some promotional material for Sun/Moon but nought more than that. Still very hush hush.

I’ll review a bit more of the games afterwards, but this gives you an idea of what to look for at the Expo this weekend. Have fun and share your photos with us on Instagram or Twitter!

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  1. Hi, do you remember the PC manufacturer who had setup the minecraft table? I thought their gaming rigs where quite good value but cannot for the life of me remember there name!


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