5 Star Wars Reads Picks for Jedi of All Ages

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Star Wars Reads strikes back again this year, not just with a single day, but a month-long celebration with events at Disney Stores, libraries, and bookstores worldwide.

Visit the official Star Wars website not only for crafts and recipes to add even more fun to your celebration, but to download the official activity kit to get kids really excited about the power of reading.

Not only does the kit include games and puzzles, it also has a few reading recommendations sprinkled throughout. Here are five more Star Wars book picks featuring recent releases for fans of all ages.


AhsokaEven if you’ve never seen an episode of The Clone Wars, you probably know who Ahsoka Tano is. This character has made her way into many Star Wars fans’ hearts, and now she’s starring in her own novel. Ahsoka fills in the gap between The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, after Ahsoka left the Jedi Order and escaped Order 66.

Even if you didn’t follow Ahsoka’s adventures in The Clone Wars, author E.K. Johnston expertly weaves the tale so well that you don’t need to. The author recaps without simply summarizing, and you get a strong feel for Ahsoka’s personality in no time. Just as fascinating as the main story are the flashbacks and scenes of other power players in the early days of the Rebellion. (Ages 12-17+)

Star Wars: Complete Locations

Star Wars: Complete LocationsIf you or the kids love diving into the details of the galaxy far, far away, Star Wars: Complete Locations is the book for you to pore over. Filled with over 50 cross-sectional diagrams, maps, and artwork from the prequels to the sequels, you’ll feel like you’re actually standing inside the Lars homestead or looking at the glittering lights of Coruscant.

You’ll even get an inside look at Rey’s home (literally), so if you ever wondered where she keeps her speeder hidden from other scavengers, Star Wars: Complete Locations will show you. (Ages 10-17+)

Jedi Academy: A New Class

Jarrett J. Krosoczka takes over the Jedi Academy series with A New Class, starring a new, hapless hero named Victor Starspeeder. It’s not easy being a new student at the Jedi Academy, especially when your older sister has already made a name for herself there. It’s up to Victor to make new friends, listen to Master Yoda, and of course, use the Force.

Not only do the characters and settings feel familiar to any kid in middle school, having it take place in the Star Wars universe makes it even more relatable and recognizable. And be sure flip through the book yourself to read Krosoczka’s hilarious listicle headliness from the Holonet like, “12 Facts About the X-Wing You Won’t Believe!” (Ages 8-12)

Star Wars: Original Trilogy Graphic Novel

Star Wars Original Trilogy Graphic NovelThis textbook-sized hardcover book collects all three of the original movies into one easy-to-read graphic novel that can serve as the perfect introduction to the Star Wars universe for kids who want to explore the story at their own pace. You might have a hard time getting them to sit for the 2 hours of A New Hope, but a little reading here and there of the graphic novel allows them to linger over every panel as fast or slow as they want.

Some of the scenes were edited to be age-appropriate and flow well, but on the whole you won’t find a better re-telling of the story than this one. (Ages 8-12)


ABC-3POStar Wars: ABC-3PO is one of the newest illustrated books aimed for kids, but let’s be honest: The hilarious, rhyming text of ABC-3PO will be enjoyed just as much (if not more) by the grownup lucky enough to be reading it out loud.

The adorable illustrations by Katie Cook, featuring all of your favorite characters from the films and animated series, will give every reader the giggles–especially if you know Star Wars. Salacious B. Crumb has never looked so cute. (Ages 4-8)

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