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Write! takes the distractions out of writing and helps you focus on what needs to get done.

I wrote this entire post in Write! and then exported it into a file I could then put into the blog. While getting my thoughts down, I noticed that Write! looks simple on the outside, but it made a difference in my concentration levels while getting my work done.

There’s a nice range of features to this program, and to be honest, it felt a bit overwhelming. Kind of like ordering at Baskin Robbins for the first time. You know what you want and what works for you, but seeing it all on a single menu can throw any newbie off.

Write Word Count and Progress  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Write Word Count and Progress Image: Dakster Sullivan

After playing for a bit, I found the features I feel work the best for what I do:

  • Cloud Syncing – Syncs to the cloud so I can use it on my work computer and then log into my laptop at home and have all my files in one spot.
  • Sessions – Keep your writing “sessions” separate from each other. I have my school work, blogging, and personal writing all in different sessions. The documents in each session are broken down into tabs and separate files.
  • Focus Mode – Ever find your eye jumping around to every grammar error or spelling mishap instead of focusing on the section that actually needs your attention? This lets you fade out all the paragraphs on the page except for the one you’re currently working on.
  • Note taking mode (F11) – Lets you jump from full screen to smaller windows so you can have other windows open at the same time.
  • Publishing – If you want to share something you did but not necessarily send them a file to open, you can publish it to the web and e-mail a link directly from the program. You can delete access to a file just as easy as you granted it.
  • Exporting – When you’re done with your writing, you can export it from the cloud into .wtt, .pdf, .md, .docx, or .txt files.
  • Word Count and Progress Checks – Lets you set word count limits, daily goals, and track how you’re progressing.

That last two features, in particular, are useful if you’re a student. I have some professors who want papers to be either a minimum or maximum word count. You can tell the program what your limit is and when you hit your number, the word count turns red to let you know by how much you have gone over. When you’re done, you can export it into the file type your professor requests.

Write Export and Shared Documents  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Write Export and Shared Documents Image: Dakster Sullivan

No program is perfect, and while Write! is designed to keep you from getting distracted, I found that the auto complete feature actually distracted me. The way it works is as you type the program tries to guess what word it is you mean and you can hit Enter to have it insert it for you. For some, I’m sure this is a valuable feature, especially as the program learns your habits. Personally, I found this feature counterproductive. It’s easy enough to turn off in the settings, though.

The features I discuss are only a sample of what the program can actually do. The more you dive in and play, the more you will see the possibilities.

Write! is available for Mac and PC and costs $24.95. Write! is free for students while they’re in school. Just submit the necessary proof of student life and you get one year free.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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