KB Covers to the Rescue

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KB Covers  Image: Dakster Sullivan
KB Covers Image: Dakster Sullivan

KB Covers are a gift to MacBook Pro users.

Last year, I had to switch to using a MacBook Pro for school. It’s bad enough the culture shock I got from just getting around in my normal programs, but on top that I had school programs to learn as well.

I’m decent in Adobe Photoshop and I can get around in iMovie, but my courses started to require me to work in InDesign, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro. I could barely get around with basic commands like “Quit” and now I was tasked with these heavier programs in the design world.

While killing brain cells on the internet one day, I found the KB Covers website. At first, all I noticed was that they carried cute colored keyboard covers, and then I dived a little deeper. I discovered they sold a wide range of keyboard shortcut covers for all the programs I was learning in school.

I grabbed one for Illustrator and one for Adobe Premiere because those are the ones I’m having the hardest time in right now.

When they were finally in my hot little hands, I was impressed to see that they are super thin and flexible. Kind of like a thin cloud of shortcut awesome sauce was spread all over my keyboard (minus any mess). When I switched programs, I swapped covers and tossed the other into my backpack.

The “HELP” button was done nicely in a bright red, while all the shortcut keys were done in coordinating colors. Easy on the eyes and nice under the fingertips. It has a silky smooth kind of feeling to it.

If you don’t need help with any specialty programs but still want to jazz up your keyboard, KB Covers has a nice selection of solid colors, teams, and other fun patterns. I plan on grabbing another one in a simple color just to protect my keyboard on days I’m not in one of my programs.

I’ll be diving into other Adobe programs as my school program moves on, and I’m happy to have found KB Covers to back me up with learning all the shortcuts when I need them.

KB Covers start at $24.95 and are available for a wide range of MacBook sizes.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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