Scottevest’s Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants Bring Ultra-Utility to Women’s Trousers

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Image: Scottevest
Image: Scottevest

Scottevest, the company that makes clothes with more pockets than you have devices, now has a pair of pants designed for women with plenty of places to store your gear. Hands free, no vest or jacket required.

The Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are soft, exceedingly comfortable, and have plenty of pockets in just the right places, along with a few interesting and unique features.

A good shot of the side pockets. Image: Scottevest
A good shot of the side pockets. Image: Scottevest

First of all, the pockets. There are almost a dozen of them, but I only found eight on my first self-guided tour of the pants. The other three were quite well hidden, an important feature in a travel pant. In all, there are two back pockets, two regularly-placed handwarmer pockets, two super secret zipper pockets in the handwarmer pockets (which close with invisible zippers and are as deep as the handwarmer pockets), two pockets on each side of the outside thigh (one snap and one zipper pocket), along with an extra welt pocket inside one of the side snap pockets. Guess which three I had trouble finding? Yeah, these are my new favorite pants for travel. The idea of being able to keep money or a phone in one of the hidden pockets appeals to my penchant-for-safety self.

Some other interesting features in the pants include the waistband and the lower leg. The waistband is reminiscent of maternity pants, frankly, except that there is no “baby panel.” The waist goes all the way around and is made of a wide swath of super stretchy material that can be pulled up to cover your belly, folded in half downward, or even folded down completely over the rest of the pants. Depending on your body size, shape, and type, one configuration might work better than another. I’ve found that folding the whole thing over on top of the main part of the pants works well for me. Give it a whirl. The waist material is designed to help hold and distribute the weight of any potential heavy loads you keep in your many pockets. You also end up with elastic waist pants with the look of non-elastic waist pants. Win/win. These pants are very comfortable and would be great to wear for Thanksgiving and other large meals too.

The lower leg area has some interesting cinching ties. At first, I thought they were to cinch down the ankle, in case of bugs or a cold breeze, but no. You pull on the ties and it shortens the legs of the pants. Perfect if you’re not tall, or if you just need shorter pants (capris, perhaps?). Perhaps it’s a hot day, or perhaps you need to wade through a stream to get to greener pastures on the other side.

The main fabric of the pants is very soft but still quite durable. It washes up really well, looking just as good as when it came out of the package.

One word of warning, though: make sure you order the right size. Because of the way the waist works, there is less leeway about what fits well. If you order too big of a size, the waistband may not hold up your gadget-laden pants very well. Check Scottevest’s sizing chart for help.

The Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants come in black and olive and in XS-XXL. They are some of the neatest, most comfortable, and most useful pants I’ve ever worn.

And for your favorite father in your life, tell them about the Scottevest Father’s Day Giveaway. One lucky entrant can win an entire Scottevest wardrobe, including the underwear. Seriously. Trust me, you’ll want this.

Note: I received a pair of pants for review purposes.




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  1. What kind of fabric are they made out of? The website is oddly silent on this matter.

    1. Hi Awesome Aud, apologies for the late reply to this but the Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants are made out of a cotton/poly blend, we’ve since updated our site to reflect the material for each garment — thanks for helping us catch that!

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