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Never Late Again – My Steampunk Cosplay Journey Begins

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Steampunk has always fascinated me, but putting together a cosplay felt daunting. Where do you start? How do you make it flow and work in a manner that follows the “rules.”

After reading EPBOT’s blog post about her own steampunk rabbit build, I decided it was time to take the leap down the rabbit hole and come up with my own creation.

Dakster Sullivan - Brianna the Steampunk Brown Rabbit!  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Dakster Sullivan aka “Brianna” the Steampunk Brown Rabbit! Image: Dakster Sullivan

I stuck with a rabbit mask design because EPBOT did such a fantastic job on her tutorial that I felt I would have the best luck just following along. I also loved how she included her own inspiration, Andrea/Merimask’sGentleman Bunnies” design in her post. As I got more comfortable in leather work and branching out, I slowly turned the original design into my own creation.

Thanks to the help of Steps In Tyme Designs‘ RJ Foster and his wife Roseanna, I was able to get my look on point for the period and the character I created. They were amazing in giving me tips on working in leather for the first time and keeping me on track with my victorian steampunk theme.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting in more detail each of my pieces and how I made them from start to finish.

So take a deep breath and jump down the rabbit hole with me because it’s sure to be an adventure in steampunk cosplay building.

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