To Phone or Not to Phone

Image Credit: N Engineer
Image Credit: N Engineer

I forgot my phone at home today.
Tragic, yes, I know.
(My husband texted to my son
When I was on the road)
Too late to turn around. Drive on.
Tough hour, how to go?
What if my kids should miss the bus?
What if the plumber shows?
the dog sneaks out?
a fire starts?
and none can let me know!?
My shopping list is on there too.
What if a tire blows?
So many things that could go wrong
And me without my phone

But as I drove I noticed
The trees freshly abloom
At long red lights when oft I text
I sat. I thought. Alone.
The sun was shining all around
and pushed away my gloom
I didn’t need to Spotify
the silence did cocoon.
I thought about the day ahead
the tasks that I must do
And with this added clarity
another thing I knew.

We scurry to and fro all day
we’re tethered to the ‘net
we think that things will fall apart
if others can’t connect
but maybe what we really fear
is quite the opposite
that everyone will be just fine
And that’s hard to admit.

So here’s a line for you to use
Whenever you believe
The world will end without your phone
extending from your sleeve:

I’m not all that important
That my ego couldn’t use
A little short vacation
from cell phone overuse

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