Ten Things That Went Through My Mind Watching ‘Daredevil’ Season 2

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With the news that Punisher is coming to Netflix, I thought it would be a good time to briefly look back on Daredevil‘s second season, which I rather abruptly consumed in the space of a handful of days. Thirteen episodes and I’m ready for more. Alas, I’m just going to have to wait.

  1. So much punching. Matt gets punched so much. He also punches other people. Also, he’s always walking around with bruises and cuts on his face. How many times does, “I fell on a doorknob” work for a blind dude? No one seems to ask.
  2. Karen’s eyebrows keep changing. Sometimes they’re pale and barely visible, and then they are SO ON POINT. I wonder if it’s on purpose. Like, we’re getting hardcore journalist Karen or Punisher’s BFF Karen.
  3. Karen works really hard. She’s still wearing that shirt and skirt from the last episode. When does she just lose her crap and go to the dark side?
  4. Still punching. And flipping. OH MY GOD THAT STAIRWELL SCENE THO.
  5. Foggy needs his own show. Foggy is amazing. I mean, I don’t agree with him right now–but he’s damned good at his job and I love that he’s actually got character development here. Matt deserves every bit of the crap he’s giving him.
  6. Is it just me or did I hear the opening musical riff to the original Ninja Turtles movie? Every time we pan over NYC I sort of expect a sewer grate to shudder open.
  7. The Hand. The Foot. Best comics pun ever. H/T Eastman and Laird.
  8. I used to be afraid of basements as a kid. Now I’m terrified I’m going to stumble into a room full of Emo kids sitting in boxes being drained of blood. You know, as you do. Gotta find new nightmare fuel every now and again.
  9. Elektra. You make me feel funny. I feel you, Matt. I really do.
  10. The only person getting punched more than Matt is the Punisher. I’m surprised he’s even remotely recognizable at this point. I guess there’s a benefit in having trademark threads.

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