Here Comes the Easter BB!

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All images: Lisa Kay Tate
All images: Lisa Kay Tate

Look out, Peter Cottontail, the Easter BB is comin’ to town.

This year, fill your Star Wars lovers’ baskets with a simple sock BB-8 craft decked out in his parade best.

What You Need

• One plain white sock

• Two pieces of felt, one grey and one orange, yellow (or another bright color)

• Uncooked rice (for stuffing)

• Yarn or string

• Bottom half of a plastic egg

• Two black buttons, one larger than the other

First, fill the sock with a good amount of rice. Tie it off tightly with the yarn, so it looks as close to an orb as you can make it. You can use poly fiberfill stuffing if you need, but the rice will make a weightier beanbag-like orb.

Using an X-Acto or similar blade, cut a hole in the top of the plastic egg or ball half about the size of a dime. Save the piece you cut out; you’ll need it in a minute. If doing this craft with children, make sure you do this part yourself.

Bring the tied-up end of the sock up through the underside of the egg half and fold it over the top tightly. Tie it tightly in the same place you made the first tie, and cut off the excess sock. Fold it back up over the egg and tie it, very tightly, off at the top. Cut off the excess sock. This should be a similar shape to a little BB-8.


Push the little top notch on BB-8’s head into his little “droid fontanelle” dent and glue the saved piece from the plastic egg on top. I used a glue gun for this and held it in place until it cooled.


Cut BB-8’s circles and thin headpiece stripes with the yellow or bright-colored felt piece. The body circles were created by cutting circles, folding these circles in half and cutting out the middle to make a “ring shape.” Add four little squares around the center of the circle. Attach these to the sock using  fabric glue.

Use the grey felt for further details, including a circle on top of his head. Place smaller circle from the piece of sock that was cut off and glue in the center.



Finally, gently sew on one larger and one smaller black button on the head for his “eye pieces.”

Make a few of these in various colors, for a springtime basket display, because cuddly little droids are more exciting than boiled eggs any day.


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