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If your kids are fans of Minecraft Let’s Play videos, chances are you’re already familiar with the enthusiastic Stampycat and his buoyant laugh. With over 6 million subscribers, Stampy and his Lovely World are fixtures of Minecraft Let’s Play on YouTube.

Young fans of Stampy, known in real life as Joseph Garrett, will be delighted to hear that Stampy’s Lovely Book has been released in the U.S. Penned by Garrett himself, this book is perfect for young readers looking to hear from Stampy himself about his friends, his favorite adventures in his Lovely World, and even some tips about getting started with their own Let’s Play videos. And with a price under $10, it’s practically a no-brainer to pick up for the Stampy fan in your life.

© Random House
© Random House

Stampy’s Lovely Book is part retrospective of Garrett’s favorite Minecraft adventures and part activity book. There’s a Who’s Who of friends Stampy has adventured with, and each offers their own favorites and memories, giving readers a good sense of just how many escapades the intrepid Stampy has shared on YouTube—hundreds of episodes, in fact.

For parents flipping through the book, it’s the behind the scenes tidbits that really stand out. Stampy reveals that most episodes are filmed weeks or months before they’re uploaded just in case he’s ill or otherwise unable to record. He also has a unique system for planning his adventures, and a map of his Lovely World shows you just how intricate of a world he’s built. So if your kids think a Let’s Play video is merely jumping into a game and hitting record, Stampy serves as a valuable lesson on how planning and creativity can make you a success.

© Joseph Garrett
© Joseph Garrett

Personally I’m a fan of Garrett’s videos because of his good nature and compassion that come through, even in a Minecraft Let’s Play video. It’s evident in his book as well, with an activity about cheerful ways to encourage new game players. And, if your kids want to be YouTube stars, Garrett’s tips for getting started include “Ignore the meanies.” Not a bad tip for life, either.

Stampy’s Lovely Book is available now at a retail price of $9.99. Garrett’s personality shines through every page, and kids who love his videos will find lots to love in his book as well.

Top image © Random House Kids

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