When Shipper Wars Become Personal

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Shipper Wars.

It is the bane of fandom in general. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t a “teenage girl” thing. It’s everywhere.

DC Comics used shipping to promote their Superman/Wonder Woman comic book. Look here everyone! The ultimate “power couple” has their own book.

Any time anybody dismisses shippers as a sideshow? Talk to me. I have stories from way back when to Usenet days and even before to the old letter columns in my Bronze age comic books. Letters from people arguing over who belongs with whom.

What happens when dissent enters your own home?

Those of us who decide to raise children understand the feeling of anticipation of sharing all you love with them. We think how exciting it’ll be to share our interests with our babies when they get older. It’ll be glorious.

I think that’s why so many get a little disgruntled by teenagers. Wait? You have thoughts and feelings that are not mine? I cry foul.

My kids never showed much interest in my comic books but they do watch the animated and live action versions. We all watched Teen Titans, Young Justice, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and the list goes on and on and on.

These days we watch Teen Titans Go! before we leave for the day. It’s hilariously ridiculous and we laugh.

One episode had Beast Boy traveling to the future. He saw Robin (who was now Nightwing) with Batgirl. He was shocked. Where is Starfire? My teenage daughter in complete sympathy asked the same thing. “Wait, what?” Meanwhile, I’m saying, “Of course, it’s Barbara, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

My daughter vehemently disagreed. “No, Mom. That’s not right.”

Excuse me??

We bickered about it. Until we both pulled back and agreed to disagree. Because after all? This is subjective.

Later on, in the car, I asked a leading question. Considering how we disagree about this, what else do we disagree about?

My OTP (one true pairing) has always been Lois Lane and Superman. I can handle deviation on almost everything else. This, to me, is non-negotiable.

I asked the kids, “Who do you think Superman should be with?” My daughter rolled her eyes. My son got this gleam in his eyes. I know what that means. He asked me, “How mad would you be if I shipped him with Wonder Woman?” Charming child I’ve got there. See if I ever help you in your AP Physics class. Oh wait, you have the Internet. D’OH!

My daughter, however, decided to answer the question seriously. “Like I’d answer anything but Lois.”

Then she surprised me with a really considered answer other than “because you indoctrinated me.” I was really surprised by her thoughtful reasoning. I was also gratified that my son engaged with his own reasons. (He has been reinstated in the will.)

We then got in to a serious conversation about getting involved with shipper wars. It’s pointless. Because it is so subjective. We all love what we love. We have our own reasons.

So while I firmly believe I’m right, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson work better than Kory and Dick. My daughter feels the exact opposite.

Chemistry is subjective. As are our choices. It is a peculiar mix of environment, childhood influences, and that dash of indefinable connection we feel.

My daughter and I co-exist with our difference of opinion. Yet, I admit, if she was anti-my OTP? I don’t know. I think I’d be upset. Which is totally illogical. But there you go.

Stay tuned to my next post: Teenagers. Why can’t they be exactly like us?

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