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Geeky Ornaments to Knit and Crochet

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The air cools; fall begins, and out come the sweaters! I love knitting and crocheting, but as a mother of three small children I don’t have the time for large projects like sweaters.

This year I thought I’d spend my autumn months knitting and crocheting some geeky holiday ornaments! Here is a list of both knitted and crocheted ornaments you can make. Keep them for yourself or gift a bit of geek to any nerd on your list! Some of these are actual ornaments and some are amigurumi that you can add a simple yarn loop or a hook to for hanging.

The first set I will be working on is Joan of Dark’s Nerd Holiday OrnamentsJoan of Dark (AKA Toni Carr) is the author of Knockdown Knits, Knits for Nerds, and Geek Knits. Her nerdy collection of ornaments includes three geek-themed Christmas bulb cozies and a TARDIS that you can stash a small gift inside. For $4.99 you can’t beat it!

Want some festive geekdom without the price tag? Check out these patterns, all available as free Ravelry downloads:

Weeping Angel by Irene McCormick, Dalek Egg Cosy by Ellie Skene, and Mini K-9 by Helen Callis.

Weeping Angel Doctor Who Holiday Ornament Crochet
Photo: Irene McCormick- Used with permission.

For you Harry Potter fans there is The Golden Snitch by Melissa Mall and these adorable Hogwarts Mini House Sock Ornaments by Marie Wright.

Finally some classic geek fun with the Mario Mushroom by Linda Potts, Starship Enterprise Amigurumi by Catherine McMillan, and Chthulhu Holiday Ornament by Dawn Swain.

Hogwarts Mini Socks Ornaments Harry Potter Knit Marie Wright
Photo: Marie Wright – Used with permission.

These patterns are great, but you don’t have to stop here! You can turn any amigurumi or miniature project into a holiday ornament. Want some more geek projects to work on other than ornaments? Check out GeekMom Ruth Suehle’s post Eight Geeky Crochet and Knitting Patterns to Get Started On. For a behind the scenes look at Geek Knits, head over to GeekMom Fran Wilde’s post Behind the Scenes at ‘Geek Knits’ – Plus a Book Giveaway! We want to see your geek holiday ornaments so show us what you make! Happy crafting!

Starship Enterprise Star Trek Holiday Ornament Crochet Catherine McMillan
Photo: Catherine McMillan – Used with permission.
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