Disney Is Streaming ‘Lava’ for Free

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“Lava” is a musical short that plays prior to Inside Out in theaters. Photo: Disney Pixar.

If you want to watch the beautiful Disney Pixar short “Lava,” you don’t have to race to the theaters still playing Inside Out or even wait for the Blu-ray. It’s available now, absolutely free.

For a limited time, Disney Movies Anywhere is streaming the critically acclaimed short about volcano love—and finally, I can cry in the privacy of my own home.

“Lava” is available in the Disney Movies Anywhere app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices for two weeks (through August 12, 2015). Sorry, but it’s not a download or anything. However, it is a little freebie that you can play over and over again to get your fill before it’s released as part of the inevitable Blu-ray.

Are you ready to fall in “lava” again? There’s a little clip below, in case you need incentive to snag that app!

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2 thoughts on “Disney Is Streaming ‘Lava’ for Free

  1. Has anyone actually gotten this to work? I got the app, but “Lava” wasn’t on it anywhere, despite being promoted on the first page of the app.

    1. Yes. I actually watched it twice yesterday. Thought it was weird that it didn’t show up when you searched for it… but as you mentioned, it’s on the first page of the app. Right in the corner, there’s a “Watch Video” button. Click on that. At first, it didn’t work for me… but it turns out that I hadn’t updated my app in a while. Once I did that, it worked. So if you are having problems, you may want to update the app in iTunes and try again.

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