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Mary Roach Gems on Audible for Less Than 5 Bucks!

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Photo: Audible

Many of us at GeekMom love our Mary Roach books. I have personally read every one of them. I’ve had several email conversations with Ms. Roach, about how she should tackle the world of prosthetics next.  It’s just my little pet project that I want one of my favorite authors to cover. So far she’s found better uses of her time, but I’m working on her.

If the name Mary Roach doesn’t ring a bell, let me help you out. If you love learning about the world around you, but would prefer it be given to you in a fun way, with lots of anecdotes and interesting stories, Mary Roach’s books are for you.

The first book I stumbled upon was Stiff. Here is my GeekMom post about that discovery. It’s a very in-depth look at what happens to our bodies when we die, and how different cultures make different choices at the end of life. I was completely fascinated. Her writing and research actually changed a lot of my views about what I want done with my own body when I die.

Then I found her other gems. Having read her book Packing for Mars right before the family hit the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. was an amazing coincidence. All kinds of interesting back stories and behind the scenes information flooded through my head as I toured the exhibit.

Then I devoured Gulp, a book about how our digestive system works. It will make you think about everything you put in your mouth for weeks after reading it, and not for food quality reasons. Here’s the review of Gulp, from 2013.

Finish off your Mary Roach marathon with Spook, a look into the supernatural world around us, and Bonk, a very entertaining look at the psychology of sex.

The good news of the day is that through Thursday of this week, you can own any or all of these classic books for less than five dollars each. I’ve already clicked over and ordered my copies and didn’t want you to miss out on the same opportunity. These are all best selling books for a reason. They are a great read for even the most reluctant readers.

Chances like these don’t come along often. I personally am thrilled to have my audio book library now full of some of my all time favorite books. Don’t miss out on the big sale!

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