Create Your Own 'Kaiju' in the July 7th Google Doodle

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The July 7th Google Doodle gives props to cinematic history, offering up a game to celebrate Eiji Tsuburaya’s 114th birthday.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Who is Eiji Tsuburaya?” That’s a very good question.

Tsuburaya is the father of kaiju movies, featuring the giant monsters that crush cities, destroy shipping ports, and wreaks havoc throughout Japan.

Everyone has seen evidence Tsuburaya’s work, from the multiple reboots of the Godzilla movies, to the Power Rangers movie, even to (one of my favorites!) Beastie Boys’ ‘Intergalactic’ music video!

Upon hitting the “Play” arrow on the Doodle, you will enter Eiji Tsuburaya’s studio and be given 10 tasks to help him make his movie. Glue together sets, string actors up on harnesses, and help the puppets stomp out vehicle and tank props. I haven’t been very good at the game, and to do the whole thing you need 3-4 minutes of time as each task loads up. But you could the team who put it together had a great time honoring this cinematic pioneer.

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