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My son and I enjoying the Con. Image By Rebecca Angel.

I have been attending ConnectiCon for over ten years now. When I first went, I enjoyed it, but felt that it was geared for people in their teens and twenties (I was cusping thirty then.) I had young geeky children, but I didn’t feel that this convention was for them. Besides, I liked my weekend away.

However, my kids would hear all about my adventures at this mystical world of geek fandom, and couldn’t wait to attend. I started taking my older nephew. When my daughter turned thirteen, I took her with me. Then my son was allowed to join in the nerdery and fun. And that’s when I started noticing families with young kids attending the Con. The con noticed this too and added some programming for kids. This year, there was a whole track just for the younger set. I love that.

Here are some pics of geeky families enjoying themselves and passing down the fun of fandom:

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3 thoughts on “Family-Friendly ConnectiCon

  1. I’ve been looking for a con for my husband and I to go with with our 5 year old. We’ve never been to any. Maybe this would be a good first one to try next year?

    1. It’s a young-skewing con but there’s a lot of fun stuff to see, and the past two years, they’ve had a kids craft room! My kids (about ten when they first started going) really loved the voice actors.

    2. Since my son is a teen, I don’t have direct experience with their kid programming, but the families I talked to seemed to be enjoying themselves 🙂

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