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Image By Rebecca Angel
Image By Rebecca Angel

Which Victorian-Inspired Sub-Culture Are You?

1. You reach for a shirt. Its colors are more likely to be…
A. Black, White, Gray
B. Brown, Tan, Beige

2. Boys with eyeliner…
A. If they can pull it off, totally cool.
B. Wrong, just wrong.

3. You are faced with a problem…
A. I listen to my heart.
B. I use my brain.

4. If you had to pick something to do for an afternoon…
A. Read poetry by the ocean.
B. Tinker in a workshop.

Image By Rebecca Angel

5. Your alcohol…
A. Wine, red, red wine.
B. Gimme a beer!

6. Death is…
A. Mysterious and alluringly frightening.
B. Not something I think about.

7. Love is…
A. Romance or Despair.
B. Fun or Forgettable.

8. Music is…
A. Life.
B. Nice background.

9. Accessories…
A. You mean how much? Just necklaces, or do I include all of it?
B. You mean how much? Have you seen my tool belt?

10. What can solve the world’s problems?
A. The Arts and Nature!
B. Science and Technology!

Mostly As:
You, my brooding, silver-studded friend, are goth.

Mostly Bs:
You, my quirky, gadget-loving friend, are steampunk.

Image By Rebecca Angel
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13 thoughts on “Goth or Steampunk Quiz

  1. Goth has its own makeup (black lipstick, heavy eye makeup, pale skin) but Steampunk makeup is still undefined. If you look at the picture “steampunk in training” that’s my version of steampunk makeup!
    Any one else have some suggestions on what makeup could be steampunk?

  2. By these results I am apparently leaning goth, although my sensibilities (and taste in actual stories) are much more steampunk in real life. I’m the artsy emo steampunk person! Surely there’s a place for us!

  3. Drat! What if you are equal? (Including the two questions that you can’t answer at all because neither answer applies.) What am I????

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