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Release Your Inner Robot With ‘The Robot Factory’

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The Robot Factory Icon
The Robot Factory Icon. Photo: Tinybop

There’s a new must-have app for the robot enthusiast in your house! Tinybop, Inc. just launched The Robot Factory in the App Store. Designed for kids 4+, it’s the first app in Tinybop’s new educational series Digital Toys. The app provides 50+ parts to spark your child’s robot building imagination, and thousands of robot creations are possible. The app also allows your child to manage their inventory and play with their robots in a fantastical world.

I asked my son Johnny, age 10, to check out the app because he’s my robot enthusiast and First Lego League participant. I knew he would be excited for an opportunity to build robots on his iPad. As soon as I turned him loose with the app, I started hearing a lot of positive chatter from him. “This game really is cool. I like it!” “I think this is a game to express how creative you are.” “Look, Mom, I made him fly. They can fly!” In a short amount of time, he taught himself to use the app and created quite the robot collection.

The Robot Factory Johnny's Robots
Johnny’s Robots. Photo: Maryann Goldman

As you create robots, they are stored in your inventory. You can add new robots to your inventory, take turns playing with different robots, and modify your previously-built robots.

The Robot Factory Robot Inventory
Johnny’s Robot Inventory. Photo: Johnny Goldman

You can test drive your robots too. How do they handle the terrain?

The Robot Factory World
The Robot Factory World. Photo: Johnny Goldman

You know how siblings can be. If one is doing something, the other wants to do it too. I set up my older son Joey, age 12, with The Robot Factory app on his iPhone, and he was determined to outdo his brother with his robot building creativity. The most exciting element for him was the color palettes. He was totally engaged by the color choices and excited to create a butterfly robot for his mom who loves butterflies.

The Robot Factory Joey's Robots
Joey’s Robots. Photo: Maryann Goldman

Actually, the app inspired some teamwork and sharing between my boys as they exchanged robot building tips and excitement over their latest creations.

The Robot Factory Competitive Building
Johnny and Joey competitive building with The Robot Factory. Photo: Maryann Goldman

I even got in on the act by creating my own Girl Power robot.

The Robot Factory Girl Power Robot
Girl Power Robot. Photo: Maryann Goldman

The Robot Factory gets a big thumbs up from everyone in our family and is priced at $2.99. There are no in-app purchases or advertisements to deal with either.

GeekMom received this item for review purposes.

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